Meet the Dog Keeping Super Bowl Guests Safe in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Super Bowl is almost upon us, and a huge number of professionals are working hard behind the scenes to make the event fun and safe for all. At Sidewalk Dog, we’re all about recognizing canine contributions, too (case in point: the world’s cutest therapy dogs at MSP Airport). So we can’t wait to introduce you to one of the most professional, good-natured K9 security teams this country has to offer: human Officer Gina Ibarra and her four-legged partner, Rozi, who will be conducting security perimeter sweeps downtown in the week leading up to the big game.

When large-scale events like the Super Bowl come up, Officer Ibarra and Rozi — a three-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer — are called in to help. The team will be heading up from Illinois, where their day-to-day role involves explosive detection for the Chicago Police Department.

Rozi has a pretty serious job on Super Bowl game day, being one of the few dogs assigned to the stadium itself.

Luckily, this pupper loves her role a paw-ful lot. On days that she works, Rozi likes to start the morning off with a few laps around her big back yard at home. According to Officer Ibarra, “As soon as Rozi sees me getting my uniform ready, she knows it’s go time! She’s super excited and ready for work.” Brimming with happiness, Rozi dons her own, doggy, uniform and the dynamic duo head out together.

But it’s not all work-work-work for Rozi. On days off, she and Officer Ibarra are big-time adventure lovers. They adore long hikes, camping, and visiting unique destinations. While in Minneapolis they hope to check out the dog-friendly taproom scene.

And like most dogs, Rozi also enjoys playing with a squeaky toy, getting butt scratches, and being rewarded with peanut-butter-flavored treats.

According to Officer Ibarra, “Rozi truly enjoys being a dog. She’s a simple girl with a lot of energy. She loves unconditionally. Truly the best partner in the world.”

We couldn’t have barked it better ourselves.

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Dogs at work. Video: K9_Rozi

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  1. stephanie f.

    I have been working the Mall of America as security for the superbowl. I have had the honor of meeting (and skritching) a number of the K-9 protectors, all very sweet. There are dozens (at least), most local but some in from as far away as Canada. All hail the canines!


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