5 Dog-Friendly Sunflower Fields Near Chicago

Summer is marked by open patios, pools at the dog park, and the return of sunflower season. While pupper may be all the light you need in life, it never hurts to have extra sun. Take a walk through these 5 dog-friendly sunflower fields near Chicago for an extra boost of serotonin this summer!

Sunflower season tends to be between July and September, but planting and weather affect how long they’ll actually stay in bloom. Make sure to call ahead (or check social media) to see if you’ll be able to have fun in the sunflower fields. 

1. M&D Farms and Garden Center

M & D Farms And Garden Center in Homer Glen is a family-owned and operated 3-seasons farm and greenhouse. And they’re the home of an absolutely corgi-ous dog-friendly sunflower field! Their special u-pick “Sunflower of Color” garden has a $5 admission fee and is filled with sunflowers in colors that are unique just like your pup. The main sunflower field should open in August, but check their socials to make sure those blossoms are poppin’ before you and your bestie make the drive! 

Dogs are welcome in the sunflower fields, but must be polite and remain on leash.

2. Matthiessen State Park

Your pup deserves the perfect day, and Matthiessen State Park is the place to give it to her. With over 1500 acres of nature, trails, and some of our favorite waterfalls near Chicago, 60 of those acres are also dedicated to sunflower fields. Whether Princess is in the mood for a hike or a photoshoot for the ‘gram, she’ll be tired and happy for the car ride home.

Heads pup: Matthiessen State Park does not allow the sunflowers to be picked.

3. Richardson Adventure Farm

Don’t say Richardson Adventure Farm until you’re ready to leash up and go—because once Fido hears “adventure,” he’s gonna be tippity tappin’ out that door. Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove is hosting Sunflower Festival this year with over 3 miles of flowing trails that wind through a multi-color gorgeous sunflower field. 

Tickets are required, and leashed dogs that play well with others are allowed to party at the fest. 

4. Lannon Sunflower Farm

With a corn maze, u-pick pumpkins and raspberries, and sunflowers, Lannon Sunflower Farm is the perfect spot for the whole fam. This farm is also the owners’ home (lucky), so they’ve asked that only the politest of pups come visit. And if your dog drops a #2, make sure to bag and trash it appropriately. Tickets are $20 per car, which includes 12 sunflowers you get to pick yourself. Don’t forget to bring your own scissors and container for your flowers!

5. Heap’s Giant Pumpkin Farm

Calling all pup-kins to Heap’s Giant Pumpkin Farm! While it may be a bit too early in the season to break out our big scarves and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s the perfect time for a frolic in their 5 acres of sunflowers. If that’s not enough, you can also give their corn maze, soybean maze, or castle playground a whirl. 

Admission is $12 per person, and includes 1 bloom.

What’s your pup’s favorite flower? Woof at us in the comment and don’t forget to tag #SidewalkDog during your sunflower field visit!

Featured photo: Delphine Beausoleil

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