Green Accessories for Your St. Patrick’s Day Dog

Whoops, your dog thought you said it was St. Pet-rick’s Day. It doesn’t matter, because every day you’re lucky he’s in your life. Check out these green accessories to make him the perfect St. Patrick’s Day dog, ready for pets and never pinches.

1. St. Patrick’s Day Dog Bowtie

dog wearing St Patrick's Day headband and bowtie - St. Patrick's Day Dog

Bummer, your dog’s boss did not agree that St. Patrick’s Day should be deemed a national holiday so he’s still gotta go to the office. Help your dog look business casual at work, even if he’d rather be elsewhere.

Get it on Amazon for $6.56.

2. Green Dog Backpack


If your weekend plans include searching for four leaf clovers with your four-legged bestie, you have to have somewhere to put them, right? The harness style backpack will fit everything you find (including, hopefully, a pot of gold!).

Get it at Petco for $14.99.

3. Four Leaf Clover Dog Headband

St. Patrick's Day dog wearing four leaf clover headband

Who needs the clovers when you have the best lucky charm you could ever ask for?

Get it at Petco for $6.99.

4. Harmony Mint Plastic Slow Feeder


Since there’s no green beer option for dogs, help her get into the spirit with a green slow feeder bowl.

Get it at Petco starting at $14.99.

5. St. Patrick’s Day Dog Costume Set

French bulldog wearing green outfit for St. Patrick's Day - St. Patrick's Day dog

Your dog heard that you get pinched if you’re not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. This set comes with a headband, bandana, and tutu, so you better put all three of them on her because she is not taking any chances.

Get it on Amazon for $10.99.

6. St. Patrick’s Day Dog Bandana


We already knew that dogs are magical, but your dog wants to bark it to the world. Announce her magic status with this reversible bandana. 

Get it at Petco for $6.99.

7. Wee Little Hooligan Dog Tee

BungalowBlueTradeCo on Etsy

Are you convinced your dog’s secretly a leprechaun the way he keeps pranking you? Why else would he steal your socks and make you think the washing machine ate them? Let your dog know you’re onto him with this wee little hooligan tee. 

Get it on Etsy starting at $17.

8. St. Patrick’s Day Dog Toys

DeeOhGee on Etsy

Monchin’ and cronchin’ are your dog’s two favorite activities so let’s make them a little bit greener. Get your dog a St. Patrick’s Day version of his favorite foods.

Get it on Etsy starting at $7.22.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate St. Pet-rick’s day with your dog? Let us know in the comments and tag us on Instagram with #SidewalkDog so we can see pup’s green garb.

Featured photo by Mitzi Mandel

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