Now Open: Squeaky Bea’s Pet Boutique and Treat-o Shack

Bulk treat bar? Check. Fashionable assortment of collars and bandanas? Yep. Large selection of toys, from squeaky to chewy? Of course! Add in a bright, airy space with lots of dericious smells and it’s easy to see there’s lots to ruv about Squeaky Bea’s, Chicago’s newest treat-o shack and pet boutique, now open in Logan Square.

Named after her high-energy, lovable mini Australian Shepherd, Beatrix Kiddo (a.k.a. “Squeaky Bea”), Michelle Fares’s new store has been a big hit for hoomans and hounds alike in its first few weeks. Steps from the Blue Line’s California station, it’s conveniently located for both city and suburban dwellers, and is the pup-friendly neighborhood’s first holistic pet store offering local, regional, and national brands with a particular focus on women-owned and sustainable products.

We recently caught up with the Venezuelan entrepreneur to talk T-R-E-A-T-S.

Q: Congrats on the new store! What kind of items can people expect to find? 

A: We have hundreds of items for dogs and cats, from bully sticks and Winnie Lou treats to Chuck-It balls and throwers, collars, carpet and floor cleaner and locally-made bandanas. We also have a wide selection of refrigerated food, such as Steve’s Real Food, Solutions Pet, and Primal. Treats are by far our number one seller. That includes Shepherd Boy Farms and Farm Hounds. Our bulk treat bar is also very popular. 

Q: What inspired you to open your own store? 

A: When my husband and I moved to Chicago in 2016, we immediately knew we wanted a dog. Once we got Beatrix Kiddo, I was kind of obsessed with researching the best nutrition for her and finding the best engaging toys. The store is inspired by her—Squeaky is one of the many nicknames she has. She’s our official store mascot and Chief Treat-o Inspector and Quality Control lead. Before opening this shop, I had been working at another independent pet store in the city, first part-time and eventually becoming their marketing director. 

Q: What do you hope to achieve with Squeaky Bea’s? 

A: I want this place to be thoughtfully curated, a place of collaboration. We like to focus on independent, local, women-owned and eco-friendly brands. It’s a positive space where people can be like their pets—curious, happy, and willing to learn. It’s not just a place to get your dog’s food, it’s about stimulating the mind. I love my dog and I want the best for her and everything we sell I would absolutely give her. 

Q: What are three words you would use to describe your store?

A: Happy, welcoming, and friendly. Most of the displays and fixings were built with repurposed furniture and salvaged material. It was really important for me to carry that sustainability element throughout the store. Whenever I can, I thrift the glass jars, the baskets and containers. It’s quirky, it’s unique, it’s not cookie-cutter. 

Q: Why did you choose to locate in Logan Square?

A: I love this neighborhood; it’s very diverse and eclectic and there is a good concentration of artists here. There’s tons of pets around here and bars and venues that are pet-friendly, but not a lot of independent pet stores that focus on holistic nutrition for dogs and cats. I think our mission really resonates with people in the neighborhood. I love Logan so I thought, why not? 

Q: What other local dog-friendly businesses do you love to support? 

A: Pilot Project Brewing, The Native, Sleeping Village, Pizza Lobo, The Moonlighter, Montrose Saloon and The Northman

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