Shitty Jobs: Best Tools for Spring Dog Poop Cleanup

Spring has sprung, and there’s no better time to be outside now that the snow has melted. But everypuppy knows that underneath all that snow is something worse than a split dew claw…poop. So much poop. Make the most of a shitty job with tools designed to make dog poop cleanup a bit more…fun?

1. Eco-friendly dog poop bags for classic poop scoopin’.


For the pooper on the go, make sure you always have a bag on the go! These scented, eco-friendly bags from Earth Rated means you can be green while keeping the grass green. 

Get ‘em on Amazon for $11.99.

2. Portable dog poop scooper for a hands-free experience. 


Your dog is your bestie and you love every part of them, but that no longer applies once it exits their body. If the feeling of dog poop in your hands makes you wanna vom like a dog after eating too much grass, check out the DogBuddy. With an expandable compartment for big and little doos, this convenient scooper clips to your leash so you don’t have to even touch it until you get to a trash can.

Get it on Amazon for $13.99.

3. Rake many doos in one trip. 


Maybe it’s been a long winter and your backyard currently looks like the lakefront after the flocks of geese come back to Chicago. Save yourself the bags and trips to the trash can and just rake up every piece of frozen poop at one time. This larger tray holds a lot, is great on different types of surfaces, and requires no bending over. We call that a win-win-win. 

Get it on Amazon for $24.99.

4. Lightweight jaw scooper that can travel with you.


“The jaaaaaaw!” Maybe that’s not what the aliens said in Toy Story, but that’s how your dog will feel when he sees his poop disappear in this pooper scooper. This non-stick jaw scoop has anti-microbial properties that will keep you feeling clean while keeping the sidewalks clean too. It’s lightweight and works on different surfaces, so hope your dog enjoys his new buddy on your walks!

Get it on Amazon for $16.

5. Be the hero of your neighborhood with this pet waste station.


Be the change you want to see and doo your part in making your neighborhood a little cleaner with a commercial pet waste station. This bad boy can hold up to 600 poops bags and has a 10-gallon capacity, so either you’re sharing with your neighborpups or your dog really loves their Activia.

Get it on Amazon for $246.97.

What product helps make springtime dog poop cleanup a little less shitty for you? Woof at us in the comments! 

Featured photo: Khaligo

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