Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Napoleon the Pittie Mix

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This week’s adoptable pooch is sponsored by The Urban Dog and Pet Connections.

Name: Napoleon

Stats: 5-month-old pit bull mix

Time in foster: 5 months

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: A Rotta Love Plus (the beneficiary of next Thursday’s Dogtoberfest party, where Napoleon will be in attendance! And they just so happen to be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Too cool.)


SWD: OH MY DOG, this guy. Tell us what makes Napoleon so dynamite (other than being the cutest puppy on earth).

ARLP: Napoleon has a big personality and a signature strut to match! Like any puppy, he’s energetic and fun, but he’s also relatively easy as puppies go — he’s capable of entertaining himself while you are busy while SIMULTANEOUSLY not destroying your entire house. A rare trait for an active puppy! Plus Napoleon is also already potty trained and crate trained and knows basic commands (this comes with the territory when your fosters are two professionally certified dog trainers). He’s got snuggling mastered, too. We are quite convinced he is actually a pit bull + spaghetti noodle hybrid. Or maybe Bavarian pretzel? He likes to stretch out long when lounging and can contort himself into some awfully strange positions when he does decide to curl up. 

SWD: Darling! So what’s his special need?

ARLP: Napoleon can be a little spicy at times (he definitely took his name and ran with the whole “Napoleon Complex” thing). Like most terrier breeds, he’s prone to being overstimulated when exciting things are happening. As a younger man, he made some very poor decisions around other dogs when he was getting a little too wound up. We immediately put some management plans and training activities in place to help prevent him from practicing those not-so-good behaviors and to help him learn more self-control and appropriate interactions. We also made sure he was only able to play with and interact with appropriate doggy playmates. He’s getting better at making good choices when overstimulated, and learning how to not throw a tantrum when the other dogs say ‘nope, not interested’. Napoleon’s adopters will get plenty of training and support, starting with a FREE six-week training class to pass the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test, and continued FREE training classes for life!

SWD: What incredible service you provide to your adopters! Tell us more fun stuff about this gorgeous guy.

ARLP: Being a puppy, Napoleon is ready and raring to go along with every adventure. He LOVES to chew on things and is really good about only chewing on ‘dog’ things. If he does happen to find a stray sock (this kid is a character and thinks he’s being super sneaky when he tries to steal the dirty sock directly in front of you) he happily spits it out right away when asked or when given ‘the look’. He enjoys sunbathing, gardening, hiking, and Netflix binges. Napoleon is a great helper with the dishes as well — he’s in charge of the Pit Bull Pre-Wash cycle.

SWD: Not gonna lie: We’d adopt him ourselves if any of us had room right now. What would make the perfect home for Napoleon?

ARLP: His future family needs to be one that is willing and able to commit to keeping up with training classes for the foreseeable future and continue to work on good behavior in public. Maybe even give him a job, since he is smart and loves to work! While he has been good with all the children he has interacted with, due to some of the behaviors he has presented with in the past, we are choosing to not place him in homes with young children. He currently lives with dogs, cats, and other small animals. He would be a good companion for a chill, older dog and is also very respectful of cats and the other critters in the house.

If you’re interested in giving this dynamite doggo the forever home he deserves, head to his adoption page.

Napoleon’s story is brought to you by The Urban Dog, which offers super-customizable dog-walking and pet-sitting services, packed with affection and safety; and by Pet Connections, a weekly radio show devoted to the joys of being a pet owner.

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