Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Louella the Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. 

Name: Louella

Stats: 5-year-old, 51-pound Bull Terrier/Pit Bull Terrier mix

Location: Chicago

Rescue: One Tail at a Time

Sidewalk Dog: WHO is SHE? Tell us about Louella!

One Tail at a Time: Louella loves everyone! Every person was put on this earth to feed her treats and give her pets. She also loves running around like a silly dog, walks, and being the host of a dinner party. She’s really content to chill out on her own and nap, too. So she’s basically the perfect dog.

SWD: She sounds incredible! What is her special need?

OTAT: She’s deaf, which doesn’t slow her down or make much of a difference, but I do think that’s a hurdle for her getting adopted.

SWD: Aww, we hope she finds someone amazing soon. What else makes her special?

OTAT: She has an amazing Instagram and her followers are obsessed with her and her derpy face. She loves to destroy toys, especially the ones that her instagram followers give her!

SWD: What kind of home would be a perfect fit for Louella?

OTAT: Her ideal home would be an adult only, no animals home. She’s been through a lot in her life and while she is not dangerous by any means, she prefers to be the only pup and we just haven’t kid- or cat-tested her. I feel like she will be uncomfortable with any population (animal or human) that is unpredictable. She hates to be startled, which is pretty easy to do with her being deaf. We want to give her the home she deserves and that’s with adults who can give her predictability.

Interested in giving this good girl the forever home she deserves? Head to her adoption page!

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