Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Evelyn the American Bulldog-Boxer Mix

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This adoptable pooch is scooped up and brought to you by Dog Days in St. Paul and Metro Dogs in the North Loop. See why they’re so grrreat at the end of this story.

Name: Evelyn

Stats: 6-year-old, 50-pound American Bulldog-Boxer Mix

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: Secondhand Hounds

Sidewalk Dog: What a gorgeous pup! Tell us about Evelyn.

Secondhand Hounds: Evelyn came from an animal control facility. She has that sweet, sad face that makes everyone fall in love with her! She absolutely loves being with her people, and getting gently pet and snuggled. She is also good with other dogs, cats, and kids, as long as they’re gentle. All of her concerned looks will make you laugh every day.

We can’t with that adorable face.

SWD: That is adorable. Her eyes are so soulful! What are her special needs?

SHH: Evelyn has been waiting for her forever home for a long time. She has some anxiety, arthritis in her hips, and she is timid around the bustle of busy people, so she would prefer a family of relaxed homebodies like herself. She is on daily medication to help with her arthritis.

SWD: Sounds like Evelyn just needs a home that’s a little more chill.

SHH: Totally. Evelyn would love a home with calm, older kids and a calm dog, or maybe a retired person or couple. She adores people and will follow you from room to room just to be with you.

SWD: Oh fur cute! So what else would make a pawesome forever home for Evelyn?

SHH: If Evelyn is in a home where people work outside the home every day, she would love to have another dog around to keep her company. She is such a sweet girl, and loves everyone.

If you’re interested in giving this beautiful gal the forever home she deserves, head to her adoption page.

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This dog’s story was made possible by some of the pup-loving-est daycares in the Twin Cities: Dog Days in St. Paul and Metro Dogs in the North Loop. As one happy customer recently put it, “Everyone’s dog can’t wait to get there in the morning and ours certainly comes home happy and tired.” For dog’s sake, give ’em a call today!

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  1. Sherylyn Roberts

    I wish I could rescue her but I will ask around. I just rescued my dog last June and they have a 1 pet policy in my building. I’m so sorry I can’t help her more.


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