Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Canelo the Charismatic Chi-Chi

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. 

Name: Canelo

Stats: 10-year-old, 9-pound Chihuahua boi

Location: Palatine

Rescue: Lulu’s Locker

Sidewalk Dog: Hot DOG is he dapper! Tell us about Canelo!

Lulu’s Locker: Canelo is a older refined gentlemen who loves the finer things in life. He is a master napper. He has the leisure of sleeping in which he enjoys. At night he will put himself to sleep and tuck himself under the covers. Canelo also loves kids and is a charming gentleman to them all. He enjoys car rides, laying in his dog bed, and catching sun rays wherever we might be going.

SWD: Sounds like our type of guy! What else is he into?

Being a one-tooth wonder doesn’t stop him and his foodie desire! Always up to taste new things, he sometimes forgets about his waistline (relatable). But that brings us to the one thing that brings Canelo so much joy: going for walks. This Chicago weather doesn’t scare him. Rain, snow, or sunshine, all I have to say is “let’s go” a few times and you’d be puzzled looking at Canelo. Is he really 10?

SWD: Dang, he sounds incredible! What are Canelo’s special needs? 

LL: He’s simply in his “golden years,” so he’s been overlooked for a long time. He’s literally perfect–he loves snuggling with his favorite people, going outside to explore, and of course snoozing and eating. We’re hoping this extra exposure will help him to find his perfect home!

SWD: We hope so too! What else makes him special?

LL: He gets super excited when I tell him “let’s go” and he will spin around in circles & race around the coffee table to go outside. He has a lot of personality and will take his paw and tap me if I’m not paying attention to him. He definitely puts a smile on my face with his personality. He acts like he is talking to me. And he’ll make these faces at me and almost stomp off like he’s mad at me.

SWD: What type of home would be a great fit for Canelo?

LL: He is dog and kid friendly! He tends to mirror other dogs’ energy. If a dog is calm, then he will be calm, and if they are very hyper, then he will be hyper also. When he first came to my house he did have issues with big dogs but has seemed to overcome his issues and is okay with them now. He has been fostered with another small dog and has had no other issues with other littles. He might be alright with cats, but we’re not sure. And he is a binge TV watcher, so he’s lookin’ for a favorite lap to sit on for hours at a time.

Interested in giving this good boy the forever home he deserves? Head to his adoption page!

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