Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Bell the Smiley Lab

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This week’s adoptable pooch is scooped up and served to you by ScoopyPoo DoggyDoo PickUp.

Name: Bell

Stats: 8-year-old, 70-lb Laborador

Time in foster: 2 months

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: No Dog Left Behind


SWD: What a happy face! Tell us about Bell.

NDLB: We’re thrilled to be able to introduce you to this lovely girl! She’s friendly to people and other dogs, adores car rides, and is a wonderful listener. She recently underwent knee surgery but is recovering well and can’t wait to play ball again. Bell isn’t known for wandering off; she just wants to hang out with her people regardless of what they’re doing.

SWD: How sweet! She sounds like she’d be a terrific companion. What’s her special need?

NDLB: Some would consider her a senior dog at the age of eight, but she still has a lot of play left in her. Also, she can get a bit anxious when her foster leaves; we think this may be due to the neglect she experienced in her previous home.

SWD: Poor pupper .We bet she’d make the perfect pet for the right family. What other fun stuff can you share about Bell?

NDLB: She’s a huge fan of watching TV. When commercials come on for dog toys with squeakers inside, she jumps up, runs around the living room, and tries to find the toy.

SWD: What a hoot! What would make the perfect home for her?

NDLB: The ideal home would be someone that worked part time or was retired, since Bell doesn’t always love being left alone. On the plus side, she’s a pro at car rides! Bell is an all-around sweetheart; her fosters say she looks so adorable lying in the grass or on the deck, just taking in the world. She is very loyal and eager to please. She has so much unconditional love to offer to her forever family.

If you’re interested in giving this affectionate gal the forever home she deserves, head to her adoption page.

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