Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Abby the Basenji Mix

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This week’s adoptable pooch is sponsored by The Urban Dog and Pet Connections.

Name: Abby

Stats: 1-year-old, 15-lb Terrier/Basenji mix

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: Forever Loved


SWD: We are absolutely squealing over those ears! Tell us everything about Abby.

FL: We love our Abby! She’s a hurricane Maria survivor from Puerto Rico. Her mama, Autumn, was saved from euthanasia at a local kill shelter, and Abby was born in rescue soon after. She is smart, very curious, and enjoys the company of other dogs.

SWD: She sounds like an utter delight. What’s her special need?

FL: Abby is a bit demure; she takes a little time to warm up to humans. She also is somewhat afraid of the leash, but that can be overcome with a little work (and a lot of treats!).

SWD: Sounds like a little bit of patience in her forever home will go a long way! What other fun stuff can you share about Abby?

FL: She makes us laugh so much. She is filled with joyful energy which she throws into her hobbies, like getting crazy with her toys and playing with other pups. She absolutely loves to hop around in the snow like the world’s cutest rabbit.

SWD: And she’s got the ears to match! What would make the perfect home for Abby?

FL: Abby would do quite well in a variety of homes, as long as they are patient and supportive of her. She does great with other dogs, and is being fostered with two other pooches plus two human teens. She is cat safe. She’d love a fenced-in yard because it would give her more time to work on her leash fear. When she finds a family that can take the time to earn her trust, they will be rewarded many times over by the privilege of watching her personality emerge. Abby is ready to embrace life full-on!

If you’re interested in giving this happy companion the forever home she deserves, head to her adoption page.

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