Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Two Terriers, Twice the Fun

This series is dedicated to local pups having a harder time finding their forever homes, whether it be due to age, physical impairments, or just needing a little extra attention. We could all use a friend rn, so we’re spreadin’ the woof about this special somepawdy.

Adopt Harrison & Betty from Homeward Bound Rescue

Name: Harrison (male) and Betty (female)

Stats: Senior pups, about 15 lbs and 25 lbs

Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

Rescue: Homeward Bound Rescue

Sidewalk Dog: A duo? More like A-duo-able! Tell us more about these two!

Homeward Bound Rescue: Harrison is a constant sidekick, and the most polite and patient dog you will ever meet. Betty is a character who likes to find trouble and make people laugh, and is also very social and outgoing. These two are good with dogs, cats, and kids. Both are a little hard of hearing, but make up for it by keeping you in sight as much as possible. 

SWD: Everyone can always use two extra shadows! What do they like to do for fun?

HBR: They love shadowing people, making new friends, sunbathing, and finding snacks.

SWD: We can definitely support all of these activities! What are their favorite things?

HBR: Harrison’s favorite thing in the world is the fridge door opening, and Betty loves sniffing out insects outside.

SWD: Amazing. So they’re a bonded pair, but what are their individual personalities like?

HBR: Harrison is sober and polite, always a gentleman, and takes this seriously. Betty is a typical Jack Russell with a nose for finding mischief.

SWD: These sound like two perfect pups! What are their special needs?

HBR: They are senior dogs with senior dog issues… mild allergies, mild arthritis, and cloudy eyes/hard of hearing for Betty. But both are mobile and healthy.

SWD: What would be their ideal home for their twilight years?

HBR: Ideal home would have a yard, someone home often, and limited steps.

Interested in giving Harrison and Betty a forever home for the best years yet to come? Find them at Homeward Bound Rescue.

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