Littles Unleashed: 5 Twin Cities Small Dog Parks

Does your teacup pup long for an off-leash lifestyle, but feel intimidated by the kindly but v. tall Danes and Shepherds of the world? Luckily, many local dog parks have special fenced-off areas just for smol fries. There are even some mini dog parks in the cities. Sniff out some of our favorite dog parks for small dogs (or seniors) to have a tail waggin’ good time.

1. Lowertown Dog Park

This small downtown St. Paul dog park overlooks CHS Field. Since ball is life, pup’ll love being able to catch a Saints game and admire that funny lookin’ dog mascot that oinks. Parking is fairly easy to find, and you can pup into Chuck & Don’s before or after your play session for a special T-R-E-A-T. 

2. Gateway Play Area

This mini urban dog park in the Elliot Park neighborhood delivers everything dogs need to have fun in a small pawprint–dirt for rolling, trees for shade, and most importantly, dog friends from all the surrounding apartments and condos. Due to its size, this park is also a good option for seniors who wear out quickly.

3. Loring Park Dog Park

Maintained by the same nonprofit behind Gateway, Dog Grounds, Inc., this fenced dog park is located in the north corner of Loring Park near MCTC. Big limestone boulders provide spots for pups to climb and peeps to sit. The prime location means dogs will be there basically anytime you go, which is good bc nopuppy likes to party alone.

4. High Bridge Dog Park

In a space that previously housed a coal plant, this conversion to a dog park is one of the raddest and most sustainable dog park stories we’ve heard! And smol fries enjoy the separate fenced area just for their fellow baddies to let loose. There’s a large parking lot by this St. Paul gem.

5. Lake of the Isles Dog Park

Love lakes and dogs? Congrats, you passed the Minnesotan exam and earned your right to say “Woofda!” You can enjoy both at this dog park, which features a separate area for low-riders. Enjoy a nice lake walk or hang before or after pup’s romp. 

Viva la off-leash freedom! What are your fave small dog parks or dog parks for small dogs? Let us know in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook Group

Featured photo: Gabriel Crismariu

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