Sit, Stay, Hike! 10 Colorado Training Classes That Go Beyond the Basics

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. No matter your pup’s age, we bet he’ll go tail-waggin’ crazy for these Colorado training classes that teach more than sit, stay, and come. A lot of ’em get you involved in the fun, too:

Get Outside
Coloradans are all about getting outside—and if our dogs can’t come, we ain’t goin’. In summertime, a Pup on SUP class will have you two paddleboarding like pros in no time, while adventure training—where Fido will master skills like loose-leash walking, recalls, attention, and focus—is pawfect for those who dream of conquering a 14er. Is winter more your jam? Get your mush on and try skijoring, a hybrid of cross-country skiing and dog sledding that involves being pulled on skis by your own pup!     

Pick Up a New Hobby
Just like us hoomans, new hobbies are great for a dog’s physical and mental health. You’ve probably heard of agility training, during which dogs learn to weave between poles, run through tunnels, and balance on beams. But if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, a freestyle dance class will teach you and your bestie more than 20 basic moves. For the water-inclined, an indoor aquatic center introduces your dog to the art of dock jumping.

Strike a Pose
Lassie. Balto. Old Yeller. Your pup? If your fluffer thrives in the spotlight and lives for the applause, there’s nothing wrong with indulging her inner diva once in a while. Rumor has it, there’s a Colorado dog trainer who’s known for scoring movie and commercial roles (think: Coors Brewing and Eukanuba) for her clients. Chase trophies rather than fame in competition classes that prep your dog for the podium. Get those pawto-graphs ready!

Become a Star Citizen
Your doggo’s obviously the goodest boy or girl, but make it official with a Canine Good Citizen class that’ll puppare him or her for the American Kennel Club test by focusing on skills like accepting a friendly stranger, walking through a crowd, coming when called, and supervised separation. It’s a furbulous prerequisite to have if you wanna pursue therapy dog training, too.

(Photo by Murilo Viviani on Unsplash)

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