Gift Guide for Naughty Dogs

We see you, howliday “re-decorators.”

Our shoe-obliterating, poopsicle-savoring, rolling-in-dog-knows-what pups bring the crazy on the daily, but we still ruv ‘em. Here are a few gifts for the hilariously naughty dog in your life—and a couple for irreverent hoomans.

  1. Does your doggo down treats faster than you can say holy pup? Bow Wow Labs’ Bully Buddy bully stick holder’ll remove the choking hazard in two seconds flat. The starter kit’s best for 10-25-pound pups and comes with five hand-selected bully sticks that’re guaranteed to fit. Other sizes for bigger dogs are available to pre-order:

Bow Wow Labs, $40

  1. Did your dog pee on the Christmas tree? Our pals at Bad Tags always have sassy AF swag in their store, and this holiday season is no exception:

Bad Tags, $15

  1. There’s humor in your pup’s, ahem, “spirited” paw-sonality. Now you can toast to it:

Uncommon Goods, $35

  1. Give your neighborhood snooper what he really wants—to see what’s on the other side of that dang fence!
Domed pet fence window

PetPeek on Amazon, $43

  1. And give your coworkers a sip of your irreverent sense of humor:
"Hey, I said no French sniffing!" coffee mug

CafePress, $12.99

6. For the pupper who gets an A for effort (and a T for trouble):

Parisian Pet on Amazon, $12.95

(Top photo by Courtney Kammers)

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