MSP Summer Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass

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$25.00 $10.00

Last Call: 36 Beers+Nulo Dog Food for $10.
Ends when passes run out or 10/31–whichever comes first.


  • A FREE beer at 36 of our favorite local breweries that welcome your pups on their patios. ($200+ value) *NEW! Brewery Reopening Guide: Where + When to Use Your Pass
  • A FREE bag of Nulo FrontRunner dog food ($10.50 value, 1 per family)
  • A FREE trial dose of NexGard flea & tick ($20 value, 1 per family)
  • Warm fuzzies for supporting breweries (when they reallllllly need your help)

HOW IT HELPS: This Pass benefits Secondhand Hounds. You may contribute an additional amount to Secondhand Hounds by adding this product to your order before checkout.

YES, dogless hoomans (poor souls) can use them! YES, you can sub an N/A bevvy fur beer at most spots!

(View interactive map; scroll down fur FAQs and the scoop on our beneficiary, our envelope-stuffin’ friends, and special offers from our partners Nulo Pet Food and NexGard.)

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Is there any way to use the Pass during the pandemic?
Pup yeah! *NEW! Brewery Reopening Guide: Where + When to Use Your Pass

You can also continue to use your Pass on these curbside/delivery options:
Bent Brewstillery – $5 off any growler fill or any 2 crowlers OR any bottle of liquor to go
Broken Clock – $6 off a growler fill
Eastlake Craft Brewery – Buy two crowlers, get one free!
Shakopee Brewhall – Get a free crowler when you purchase three.
Surly Brewing Co. – Free upcycled beer grain, natural dog treats from Leashless Lab with any order. Add treats to your online order and use code “PUP” in the promo code box at checkout.
Waldmann Brewery – $5 off crowler 3-packs (any of their beers!)

Do I need to have a dog in order to buy a Pass?
Nope! Dogless hoomans may purchase and use our Passes, too.

Which breweries are on the Pass?
You can view all 36 doggo-obsessed breweries on our interactive map.

Are any beers excluded?
Breweries can exclude beers as they see fit (e.g., limited releases and member exclusives).

Can I get a free non-alcoholic drink instead of a free beer?
Res rou can! Most of the breweries on our Pass offer N/A alternatives.

When will my Pass expire?
December 31, 2020. Yup, we’ve extended. You got this!

Can I get a refund?
As a small biz, we can’t offer refunds. Re-gift it, we won’t tell!

I don’t want the free food or trial dose, can I donate it?
Fur sure! Your MSP Summer Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass comes in an envelope with vouchers for each. Feel free to redeem & donate as you’d like.

If I have more than one dog, can I get extra freebies?
You’re so lucky! But we need to limit the free food and trial dose to one each per family.

Is my free trial dose of NexGard redeemable online?
Nope—you gotta get this at your vet (they’ll need to prescribe it).

What if I have another question?
We’re all perky ears! Email

MSP summer dog-friendly brewery pass


Secondhand Hounds has found loving homes for 20,000+ pets since 2009.

MSP summer dog-friendly brewery pass


Ultimate Sustainability provides in-home and community support services to young adults (18+) with autism in Minnesota.


MSP summer dog-friendly brewery pass


Nulo Pet Food‘s high-protein, low-carb recipes fuel your pet’s inner athlete. For a FREE bag, see Pass insert. Learn how Nulo is different.



NexGard is the only FDA-approved flea & tick control chew that also prevents Lyme disease-causing infections. For a FREE trial dose, see Pass insert. Prescription required.

10 reviews for MSP Summer Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass

  1. Casey Matter

    I get one every year!

  2. Jessica

    We love these! Exploring breweries together and it all goes to a great case! We get one every time now 🙂

  3. Torey

    Such an amazing deal that allows you and your dog to explore the city together. 10/10 would recommend ☺️

  4. Rich Burns

    Crazy value and an excellent excuse to drink beer with your dog.

  5. Sabra Zahn

    Although we are actively shamed for not having a pupster. . . .
    We loved the program last year; it’s a great deal, supporting a great cause, and it nudged us to visit more local breweries.

  6. Sarah M. Halby

    Love this! Has the winter brewery pass expiration date been extended past May given the most recent situation?

    • Andrea Lahouze

      Thanks for your note, Sarah! Because the expiration is physically printed on the Pass that was printed last September, we can’t really change the date. And since breweries are closed with unknown reopen dates, we can’t coordinate with them on this unforeseen circumstance.

      However, we are extending the expiration for our Summer Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass to 12/31 (typically it has been 10/31). It’s a really tough time for our small businesses, and we so appreciate you buying our Brewery Passes! If you’re not subscribed yet, please sign up fur our newsletter to know the moment our Summer Pass presale starts.

  7. Brook Lemm-Tabor

    These are such fun to use and share with friends. Get a couple every year. Thanks to Sidewalk Dog and the many participating breweries and restaurants that take part in this great deal.

  8. Michelle Ryan

    We love these passes, this is our 3rd pass, some of the breweries are open for crowlers, so we have been going to them 1x week like our old date night was. All the breweries that are doing curb side still need our business and support. Some are even making hand sanitizer which is great being I work in a group home so I supported that venture as well.

  9. cindy

    Love the pass. Buy it every year, and 2 for our pals in St. Paul. One issue…..some breweries set aside certain brews not available with the pass. We found at one brewery that the only beers allowed were pretty plain jane. But will continue to purchase pass. WE love checking out the local brews and food trucks. Hope this covid stuff ends soon.

  10. Samantha (verified owner)

    Great gift! Too bad it couldn’t be used as a x-mas gift since it expires at the end of the year. Would have been better to sell 2021 passes this late in the year. But we’ll still use it a couple of times.

    • Stephanie Figy

      Hi Samantha, Thanks for your feedback! We would normally have a Winter Pass, but heckin’ COVID has thrown us all for a loop. Enjoy & stay safe!

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