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We ruv to make you smile and laugh, and we ruv bein’ real, so here goes:

COVID-19 has been scary ruff on yours truly. Our very survival depends on ad revenue, and NO ONE is buying. Our four-hooman pack is down to half pay, and like most small businesses, we’re hangin’ on fur dear life.

If you’d like to help us survive this unprecedented time, you can make a donation below or you can buy our Summer Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass (because 36 pup-lovin’ breweries!). You can even do both. Either way, DOG LOVE YOU. ♥

Ali, Andrea, Casey, + Mindy

P.S. Since we’re not a non-profit, donations won’t be tax deductible.

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$5, $10, $20, $50, I'd like to doo more. I'll email to coordinate.


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