This Rescued Pup Just Became A Police Therapy Dog

Photo: Saint Paul Police Department on Facebook

The St. Paul Police Department just added a priceless canine asset to its roster. But unlike typical police-employed pups, this talented doggo isn’t a field officer or drug-sniffer.

Rescued from a farm in the winter alongside his mother and siblings, Sergeant Fuzz is now an acting therapy dog for the St. Paul PD. His major doo-ties include comforting officers and victims on-scene and acting as a community icebreaker.

“Some of the things that officers have to deal with on a daily basis, he would just come in and give them attention and kind of get their mind off of it,” Reserve Officer Kathryn Smith told CBS Philly.

According to our sources, Fuzz has been quickly climbing through the ranks. We’ll watch his career with great interest.

One thought on “This Rescued Pup Just Became A Police Therapy Dog

  1. David Loeber

    The WCCO news show at 9 AM today said at the end that Sgt Fuzz’ sister is available for adoption. What shelter is she at?


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