7 Senior Dog Products to Keep Your Pup Comfortable

Like a fine wine, our pups only get better with age. Your senior dog is your bestie, so if you’re looking for tips to ensure your home remains comfortable and accommodating during your pup’s golden years, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are looking to make a few changes for your senior dog or getting ready to make a senior addition to your family, these products will make sure that they are happy at home for as long as caninely possible.

1. This guide device that helps blind dogs get around more easily and lets ppl know your bb is an angel.

Small white dog wearing Muffin's Halo, an assistive technology device for dogs with vision loss

Muffin’s Halo gently helps pups with impaired vision navigate safely. The 3-piece design lets them know they’re near something and protects them from pain and accidents!

Get it on Amazon for $99.95

2. These motion-sensing night lights for improving nighttime sight (and scaring off monsters, probably).

Dog sniffing motion sensor LED light

These small LEDs are game-changers helping your dog see in halls and dark rooms. And the motion sensors are specially designed for energy efficiency, too.

Get ’em on Amazon for $19.99.

3. This pack of washable belly bands to absorb any ~senior moments~ your boy might have.

3 belly bands in gray, black, and tan

Soft and comfortable, these highly-absorbent bands will make a BIG difference when it comes to keeping your home (and everything you have ever loved) dry. 

Get ‘em on Amazon for $16.99

4. A car ramp so you can keep cruising without all that pesky jumping.

Dogs exiting back of SUV via dog ramp
Alpha Paw

Continue to slow ride and take it easy with your bestie with this portable car ramp. Lightweight and foldable, this no-slip ramp holds up to 200 lbs!

Get it from Alpha Paw for $189.99

5. A pack of nail grips for increased traction and mobility on slippery floors.

Brown paw on floor with 2 clear nail grips

Add two of these to your senior pup’s widdo toes and behold! These nail grips help dogs get up and move around more comfortably. This kit comes with everything you need to clean and prep nails as well as special adhesive to keep them in place.

Get ‘em on Amazon for $39.99

6. This indoor couch ramp so you can keep snarking together while watching reality tv.

2 dogs getting down from couch using a non-slip PawRamp.
Alpha Paw

Prevent jumping injuries with the PawRamp, designed to help pups up and down furniture with ease. It features no-slip paw grip, is adjustable for your personal couch or bed needs, and even folds flat for easy storage!

Get it from Alpha Paw for $159

7. This orthopedic sofa dog bed for all the comfiness with the added support your senior dog needs.

Golden Retriever sleeping on an orthopedic dog bed.

When it comes to your dog, relaxation is an art form. Elevate her sleepytime experience with an orthopedic dog bed to support her joints while she snoozes. And in 5 sizes with 15+ color options, pupper is sure to find one that matches her decor. Do we spy a doggo gallery wall?

Get it on Amazon starting at $23.99

A Comfy Dog is a Happy Dog!

We know that as a pup pawrent, you always go the extra mile to do everything you can to help your pal. From special gifts for seniors to massages for arthritis, we know you always deliver when it comes to your fren. With a few simple changes and these senior dog products, you can make your fur baby feel more comfortable and happy. Here’s to a long and snacky life!

If you make a purchase via our affiliate links, Sidewalk Dog may earn a tiny affiliate commission. Supporting Sidewalk Dog supports the work we do for rescues and shelters.♥ All products were available and pricing accurate at the time of publication.

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