Seeking Adventure Pup and Human For Free Stay in Grand Marais

Pupdate: Julianne Kroon and her pup, Noah, have been selected as our on-site researchers! We can’t wait to share their findings with you!

We’re sending a hooman (plus one) and their adventure pup to sniff out the trails, waterfalls, and other dog-friendly places in Grand Marais in April or May. You’ll stay (fur free) at East Bay Suites, take hikes, snap photos, and report back on your findings. You don’t have to be a professional writer, but you doo need to document your experience and your dog’s experience in detail so we can share it with other Sidewalk Doggers!

Imagine yourselves here. (Photo courtesy of East Bay Suites)
Or here. (Photo courtesy of East Bay Suites)

Think you ‘n your pooch would be perfect for the job? Fill out this quick form by Tuesday, March 10 to be considered:

(Photo by Johann)

2 thoughts on “Seeking Adventure Pup and Human For Free Stay in Grand Marais

  1. Jill Fisher

    What a fun opportunity for whoever is selected! And such a great idea to have a dog friendly review written. My sister and I are doing a Lake Superior Circle tour this summer with our two dogs. More doggy reviews are something we would love to read.


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