6 Seattle Winter Hikes for Your Cooped-Up Pup

Sure, it’s a lil cold outside, but that won’t stop ur adventure floof from hitting the trail. Whether she’s lookin’ fur a short walk before an important day of napping or a long hike before a night of snoozin’, we sniffed out some Seattle spots and some less than an hour from the city that should do the trick. So put on that puffer, leash up the pupper, and try out one of these Seattle winter hikes! 

Note: Always check trail conditions before hiking (Washington Trails Association). Please keep dogs on leash and scoop any poops. Happy Hiking! 

1. Foster and Marsh Island Loop

Your master hiker is already at the door, ready for his forest outing when you get home from work. Sound familiar? Lucky for pup’s busy hooman, Forest and Marsh Island Loop is a quick 1.5-mile trail around the edge of Lake Washington. Sometimes a short, low impact hike is just what the dogtor ordered.  

2. Puget Park

What if Fifi wants to work in a quick hike before her afternoon nap? We’ve got the spot for her. In the Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle stretches Puget Park, the largest greenbelt in the city, which means 5 miles of interconnected trails along the Duwamish River for pup to scout. With no elevation gain, it’s also a great hike for senior woofers. 

3. Discovery Park Loop 

Fido is ready to live out his “princess running through a forest into a wildflower meadow” dream. Discovery Park Loop is a 2.8-mile hike (round trip, 140-foot elevation gain) just 20 mins from Capitol Hill. His highness can wander up forest trails that open on lush meadows, sniff the winter-blooming white Indian Plum flower, and keep an eye out for the Arctic Snow owl that hangs around. Somepuppy call Disney! With so many new frens to meet, make sure pup remembers his hiking etiquette

4. Cedar Butte

A quick 45-min car nap to North Bend, and Buddy is ready to hit the trail running. Cedar Butte is 1.75 miles each way with 900 feet of elevation gain (doggo is here for those gains!). The converted railroad path climbs to the summit of Cedar Butte where bud can see Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe, Great Mountain, Russian Butte, and Mailbox Peak. Who knew he was so into topography? 

Note: Discovery Pass required. Leash laws are strictly enforced. 

5. Rattlesnake Ledge 

If your athletic fluff is drooling for more, not to worry. Cedar Butte shares a parking lot with the Rattlesnake Ledge trailhead where well-engineered switchbacks lead the ulti-mutt hiker around Rattlesnake Lake to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge. Get your camera ready for the view (of your floof’s cute face, duh). This forested hike is 4 miles round trip with 1,160 feet of elevation gain. 

Note: Snow spikes are recommended during winter, and make sure you read up on whether you should pack a coat or boots for pup!

6. Coal Creek Trail

Just a 20-minute drive east of Seattle awaits Coal Creek Trail, a 6-mile trail (round trip, 550-foot elevation gain) rich with history. Leash pup and let your lil history ruff lead you back in time. To your right you’ll see what’s left of 1800’s mining activity, and to your left a coal shoot that descends 500 feet below sea level. Woof! The pupfessor plans to end his tour at Sandstone Falls with a lecture on the importance of post-hike treatos. Don’t be late.

Did we miss your pup’s favorite Seattle winter hike? Woof at us in the comments and tag us @sidewalkdog in pics of your pawfect winter hiker. 

Featured Photo: Los Muertos Crew

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