Seattle Rainy Day Dog Activities 

Your dog is a Seattlite, so she’s no stranger to days when it rains canines and doggos. And while puppo does look quite dashing in her rain boots and coat, gettin’ clean after a rainy walk feels like A LOT. Instead of snoozin’ the day away when it’s ruff out, check out our recs for Seattle rainy day dog activities.

Indoor Playtime 

Fun doesn’t live outside. Wherever a dog can clumsily chase after a ball or sneak some snaccs, fun can be had. Tire out your rowdy ruffer, even in a Chihuahua-sized play space with indoor games. If tug and fetch down the hall ain’t cuttin’ it anymore, try a homemade brain puzzle. Just roll up a towel, hiding treats in it as you roll, and watch pup go on a treasure hunt as he paws or pushes the towel around with his nose. If ur Golden boy needs more, check out our fave puzzle toys to work those puppin’ brains. Buddy’s gonna ruv rainy days before you know it! 

If you run out of treats—or dog-forbid, food—and you ain’t heckin’ goin’ out there, sniff out some local dog delivery services. Some even have same-day delivery. What a rrrelief!! 

Must Ruv Restaurants and Bevvie Breaks  

Your pup works hard, and after a long day of beggin’ for scritches and treatos, she just wants to lick back at her fave restaurant patio or cidery. Seattle is big on craft brews and doggo awoos, and your pub Pug to-taily gets that. Grab an umbrella and hit the town to check out a few dog-friendly heated patios or cideries where doggo is more than welcome to wait out the storm (or sneak a fry). Seattle has a Mastiff number of businesses that would ruv to see pup; check out our directory for more.  

Indoor Dog Parks and Walks

The wind is howlin’ louder than a Hound and the rain ain’t stoppin’, but neither are pup’s zoomies. If your wild fur child can’t be contained on a rainy day, sniff out Seattle’s indoor dog parks for some social time and tail-waggin’ fun. All the indoor dog parks offer bevvies for peeps too, so ur woofer can play without worryin’ about her hooman  gettin’ bored—impossible, we know. 

If zooms ain’t the mood, but walkies are needed, check out our list of indoor dog walks in Seattle. Pssst, we hear employees might even have a treat or belly rub for rovers. 

Spaw Day 

Maybe the vibe is kick back, not chase the ball, and we love that for pup. Get your human paws warmed up while you do a little research on how to massage your dog while puppo finishes his cucumber water. Or, why not capitalize on a rainy day and book fluff a mobile groomer that’ll come to you! Better yet, go all out with some way fancy dog spa treatment services in Seattle.

If the groomer isn’t exactly the rest and relaxo your pup needs, we gotchu with more home spaw day ideas. Either way, Fido’ll bliss out just dreamin’ about it. Rain? What rain? 

Wet Walkies 

Sometimes ya gotta say heck with it and go howlin’ in the rain! All Seattle woofers know puddle jumping is the local sport of choice, and your Gene Belly is a natural at it. Suit pup up in his raincoat and boots and hit the sidewalk or a Seattle dog park. But be sure to sniff out our fave muddy dog products so somepuppy (we ain’t namin’ names) doesn’t leave paw prints on the couch afterwards. 

What is your pup’s fave rainy day activity? Woof at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog with pics of ur best fren weathering the weather. 

Featured photo: Ivan Babydov

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