7 Seattle Murals Fur the Doggo ‘Gram

We know your dog keeps asking you to snap pics for their loyal Instagram following. On the couch? Stale. In the bed? Old news. Your yard? BORING! Lucky fur you, we sniffed out some Instagrammable street art spots for pup to sit, stay, and smile. So get your cameras ready, stage ‘rents, and go adventuring to these Seattle murals. Your dog’s fans are WAITING!

1. Henry Mural

Check out the Henry Mural at Sloop Tavern. Or any Henry murals, actually. Seattle artist Ryan “Henry” Ward has painted roughly 200 throughout the city. All Henry’s murals are colorful, vibrant, and chalk-full (get it?) of fun characters. 

2. Seattle Sports Legends Mural

Could there be anything more appropriate than Fido posing with his fellow Seattle athletes Walter Payton, Ken Griffey Jr., Shawn Kemp, Steve Largent, and Kasey Keller at this legendary Iron Bull mural, by Joey Nix? After all, there’s no one in the city with ball-handling skills quite like them (your floof included).

3. Seattle Doesn’t Settle Mural

This mural at Hotel Max is supposed to be an ode to our city’s innovative spirit, but as a pet pawrent currently attempting relaxation or “settle” training, this is just TOO ironic. Talk about hitting the nail on the paw…

4. Woodland Scene Mural

Hold onto fluffer’s leash; this one’s so realistic, she’ll likely try to run off into the 2D woods. See how many little woodland friends you can find hidden in @creaturepanic’s epic mural wrapped around the backside of the 45th Guild Building. It’s like an updated, interactive “Where’s Waldo?”. 

5. Greetings From Seattle Mural

Basic, but a goodie! This piece (pictured as the main image of this article way at the top) at 2nd Ave. and Bell St. was created by the national Greetings Tour movement, and there’s even a similar one in Georgetown. Make some room on your camera, bc you’ll be snappin’ all the pics.

6. Abbey Road Mural 

Rainy, a little gray, but filled with musical talent! We could easily be talking about Seattle or London, which is why this David Heck mural of The Beatles on the side of Golden Oldies in Wallingford is so perfect. 

6. The Whale Wins Mural

This was local artist and tattooist Kyler Martz’s very first mural in Seattle in 2013, and we think he knocked it out of the park! Martz now has several murals throughout the city, but credits The Whale Wins owner Renee Erickson on giving him a chance with this ode to whales. 

7. Tetris Mural

This one is for the Tetris lovers! Come on, you spend all day playing doggo’s favorite game, so the least they can do is post in front of Will Schlough’s mural of yours! The mural at 8th and Pine is the definition of FuRESH, and no matter if your pup is a Winter or a Spring, you’ll find a perfect angle for pooch to do her best smizing.

What Seattle murals does your pup find the most Instagrammable? Make sure to tag #SidewalkDog / @SidewalkDog when you’re checking out local street art.

Featured photo: @eddiemuppet

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