7 Seattle Mobile Dog Grooming Choices for Pup’s Packed Schedule

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Your dog is way too busy for a trip to the groomer; how can he patrol the front yard or take his third nap of the day if he’s stuck in traffic? Lucky for busybody buddy, these groomers will come to you. Sniff out these Seattle mobile dog grooming options for your smelly pup. 

1. Little Bear Mobile Dog Grooming 

Serving North Seattle to South Lake Union, Little Bear offers a full-service groom and bath right in Fido’s driveway. Floofs big and smol will be pampered with hypoallergenic, eco-friendly products in Little Bear’s van. Every grooming package includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, tearless facial, blow-dry brush, and a bow or bandana. All that’s needed from you is an electrical outlet and your scruffy rascal.    

2. Bark in Style 

Bark in Style will pull up to pup’s home, office, hotel, or boat marina to give her some one-on-one salon time. Doggo is the sole focus at Bark in Style, with 1-1 service and no cage drying. Call for a custom quote, and sniff out their online booking. Woofer is just a couple hours from fresh fur and style to bark home about. 

3. Seattle Mobile Grooming Co. 

Seattle Grooming Co. is dedicated to giving frens (under 25 lbs) a stress-free experience. Seattle Grooming’s eco-friendly products will make tails wag (they dry faster that way), and puppo’s first bath/groom with Seattle Mobile Grooming includes a pre- and post-service consultation about his specific needs—and how cute he is obvi. Check out their service map, and request pup’s appointment today. 

4. Cloud Mobile Grooming 

Grey Poodle with teddy bear groom stares into your soul after his Seattle mobile grooming appointment.
Someone call Vogue! | @cloud_grooming

Cloud nine awaits Fifi with Cloud Grooming, currently servicing doggos under 40 lbs, south of N 145th to north of E Yester Way. Cloud Grooming is a full-service Japanese-inspired groomer offering additional spa treatments for your muttropolitan pup. Buddy beggin’ for a pink tail? Cloud Grooming delivers the color. How about an Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack? Hawt dog! Hoomans be jealous!   

5. Aussie Pet Mobile 

Aussie Pet Mobile has been grooming on the go in the Puget Sound area since 2010. Every groom is a 1-1, cage-free, 15-step spa treatment. As if 15 steps weren’t enough, there are additional services (teeth brushing, skin and coat treatments, pawdicures, & more) for when your pooch just wants to T-R-E-A-T herself. With so much pampering in store, pup’ll leap fearlessly into Aussie Pet’s climate-controlled grooming van. Can we come too? 

6. Fur Fighters 

Fur Fighters is here to deliver basic grooms for Mastiffs, Chihuahuas, and everypuppy in between in the Magnolia and greater Seattle area. Pricing is based on weight and zip code, with additional fees for severe matting or deshedding services. Fur Fighters also offers Yappy Hour with Pup-Tail Pawty services (servin’ up dog mocktails and treats) and Nail Trim events so pup and all his pals can get a quick nail trim before gettin’ back to playing.  

7. Modern Pet Mobile Grooming 

A stress-free full-service grooming experience is Modern Pet’s dream for your best fren. Modern Pet’s grooming van will park right in the driveway for pupper’s groom or bath. Packages are priced by breed, service, and coat condition. Text them a pic of your fur baby for more specific pricing. 

Did we miss your pup’s fave Seattle mobile dog grooming spot? Woof at us in the comments and remember to tag @sidewalkdog in pics of your stylish pup.

Featured photo: Hayffield L

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