7 Seattle Low-Cost Vet Care Options

Foods, toys, beds, treats, that cute new sweater–it all adds up, and vet bills start lookin’ scarier than a vacuum. If you or Fido need a lending paw, check out this list of Greater Seattle low-cost vet care options.  

1. Seattle Animal Shelter

Seattle Animal Shelter provides low-cost vet services to newly adopted pets and old friends. SAS’s fees are on a sliding scale structure based on household income. If pup’s piggy bank is too low, SAS’ll cover a spay/neuter surgery with their Pet Population Control Fund (PPCF). Just mention you need assistance when you make your appointment

Keep an eye on their calendar for low-cost clinic days, support groups, and other community events. 

2. Good Neighbor Vet 

Good Neighbor Vet is a mobile vet clinic that travels throughout Washington and Oregon. Their first-come-first-serve vet clinic on wheels offers medical and preventative services, plus a full “puppy package” with everything a young pup could need. They design their vaccine and care packages with your fluff’s activity levels in mind. Good Neighbor strives to serve as many doggos as possible at a reduced cost. Mark your calendar for their next Seattle clinic, or check their other locations

3. Rainer Animal Fund 

In 2019 the Rainier Animal Fund expanded their non-profit operations to include low-cost vet care to those in need. RAF is dedicated to complete care with a vaccine, spay/neuter, and health clinic. Check their website to see if you qualify for assistance. Find upcoming clinic events here

If your woofer needs more assistance, RAF offers grants for those faced with the unimaginable task of paying that big bill or saying goodbye forever. We’re not crying, it’s just really wholesome in here. 

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4. Doney Coe Pet Clinic

The first nationwide no-cost vet clinic, Doney Coe Pet Clinic has been dedicated to Seattle’s pets for 35 years. The vets at Doney Coe provide mobile vet clinics from 12-3 p.m. every second and fourth Saturday of the month to low-income families and those experiencing unstable housing. They offer many services, including wellness checks, vaccines, minor injury care, and referrals when applicable at low or no cost (when qualifications are met). 

Check their Facebook for info on their next mobile clinic, and request an appointment at info@doneycoe.org. 

5. Seattle Veterinary Outreach 

The wellness clinic offered by Seattle Veterinary Outreach has your pup’s best interest at heart. SVO provides free vet care to underserved community members and sliding scale fees to those from low-income households. Doggo services include vaccinations, parasite treatment and prevention, nail trims, and more. The clinic is first-come-first-serve, so fren’s gonna get you up early. Sniff out their wellness clinic calendar for the next time doggo needs some care.  

6. Seattle Humane

Seattle Humane has fought for our furry friends since 1897. They offer a low-income wellness clinic (by appointment) from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, providing medical, preventative care, and end-of-life services (complete list of services and fees). Their provided service fees are based on a sliding scale. If rent is due and you need additional aid, contact Pets For Life, Seattle Humane’s fund for low-income families and those experiencing housing insecurity. 

7. Helping Hands Vet Clinic, Lynnwood   

Helping Hands Vet Clinic is a full-service vet hospital that offers traditional and holistic pet care to give Fifi precisely what her body needs. Their extensive services’ll make any pooch feel pampered (even during her shots). Although they don’t offer sliding scale pricing, they still wanna help out. In memory of their beloved Beagle, Helping Hands started the Dakota’s Fund to help those struggling with the cost of vet bills. We are thankful to have Dakota lookin’ out for your doggy. 

Additional Vet Care Financial Aid 

When pupper needs more funds than are in hooman’s budget, these folks are here to help. 

Four Paws Lifeline

Four Paws Lifeline is a Washington non-profit providing funding for animals in need of critical or emergency care. They know you seriously love your pet, so they won’t make you jump through hoops. Check out their page on how to apply for aid. 

The Budkis Fund

The Budkis Fund, named after the founder’s late English Bulldog, was established in 1990 to help low-income senior citizens in the Puget Sound Community cover the cost of emergency pet care. Contact them to verify qualifications or just to comment on how cute Budkis was. 

Do you know of any other Greater Seattle low-cost vet care locations? Woof at us in the comments, and share this article with anypawdy in need.

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