7 Dog-Friendly Spots to Get Ice Cream in Seattle

Hot diggity dog! It’s no fun to have to leave your pupper at home when it’s so nice out (and not safe to leave them in cars at high temps!). We’ve rounded up our very favorite dog-friendly spots to get ice cream in Seattle where you and pup can come inside to cool down.

1. Molly Moon’s 

Molly and her crew are serious about two things: #icecreamforeveryone, and dogs! All the Molly Moon’s locations (9 in the greater Seattle area) are dog-friendly, and most even have a little treat jar on the counter so doggo can have a goodie while you’re waiting for yours. Fun fact: the company’s logo is actually modeled after Molly’s French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix, Parker Posey.  

2. Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream 

It’s true that most Seattleites don’t actually get down to Pike Place Market that often unless they have out of town visitors. We advise you to reconsider, though, to visit Shug’s! The classic soda fountain vibe mixed with modern small-batch ice cream is NOT to be missed. Pro tip: to avoid having to find street parking by the Market, hop to your nearest Light Rail station and ride on down! Both Light Rail AND Shug’s are pet-friendly.  

3. Full Tilt 

Ice cream shop. Live music venue. Arcade. Full Tilt is ALL OF THEM, if you can believe it! What started as one quirky shop in White Center has now expanded to four different locations, and the Ballard shop’s patio is dog-friendly! Come for the ice cream, stay for the arcade and pinball games, and [fingers crossed, sometime soon again] live music! 

4. Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery 

An ice-cream loving woman and a dream! That’s how Sweet Alchemy started, when owner Lois Ko pivoted from UW Art to Penn State Food Science, all with the goal of making the best ice cream the PNW had to offer. And trust us, she’s pretty darn close. Sweet Alchemy is all about the good stuff, and Lois meticulously selects ingredients from local farms to make her small-batch, organic ice cream. Flavors constantly rotate, so be sure to check online before you go so you can get those taste buds ready! 

5. MORA Ice Cream

Ferries and beautiful days in Seattle go together like peanut butter & jelly, so why not get that tail over to Bainbridge Island for a cute little day trip this summer? Ok fine, so we like Bainbridge and all, but really we’ll take any excuse that gets us closer to MORA. The line is almost always long, but it’s soooooo worth it, people (Food & Wine Magazine just called it “Superb Ice Cream!”). Plus, you’ll have your best fren to keep you company, right? 

6. Lil’ Tiger Ice Cream

The hoomans at Lil’ Tiger Ice Cream love their four-legged visitors so much, every pup gets a free scoop of homemade peanut butter ice cream to enjoy on the patio! *Starts drooling* And for the pawrents, they’re hookin’ it up with a variety of woof-worthy flavors, fresh waffle cones, and their customer-favorite chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich (sourced by Seattle’s own Kaffeeklatsch bakery!).

7. Creamy Cone Café

Whether you’re woofin’ or screamin’ for tasty treats, South End’s Creamy Cone Café has noms fur everyone! Top a fresh waffle cone with two (or three) scoops of hand-selected local flavors while pup enjoys a biscuit and belly rubs on their dog-friendly patio.

Where’s your favorite dog-friendly place to get ice cream in Seattle? Bark at us in the comments and share with anypawdy who never turns down a sweet treat! 

Featured photo: Christian Bowen

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  1. Molly Moon’s is not dog friendly, at least not all of the locations. I was just barred from entering the Bellevue location with my dog, cashier insisted service animals only.

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