3 Seattle Ghost Tours For Your Scooby Doo

Don’t look now–it’s the…vacuum cleaner! A cat! Fireworks! Your best friend leaving you at home alone! If one or all of those things don’t terrify you, you’re probably not a dog. If All Hallow’s Eve is one of your favorite days of the year, don’t let the world ruin this time for you. While you may not have many Halloween party invites, plans to win Best Costume at the office, or really an excuse to buy bags of candy this year, there are still plenty of spooky haunts you can drag your pupper to. Check out 3 of our favorite dog-friendly Seattle ghost tours (he promises to protect you as long as there are no loud noises or flickering shadows).

*So basically, you’re on your own.

The Martha Washington School For Girls – Seattle

Ok, even just reading that didn’t a shiver go down your spine a bit? Sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s not. Built in 1921, the Martha Washington School was comprised of “Wards of King County Juvenile Court and girls that public schools couldn’t handle” and was eventually shut down. The building sat abandoned for many years and was the source of vandalism and many neighborhood complaints–even animal sacrifice. While we would NEVER suggest anywhere your precious peach would be in danger, definitely keep her close while wandering around what’s now Martha Washington Park. Paranormal events among the trees, supposedly planted by old students, are frequent occurrences.

Canterbury Ale House – Seattle

A dog-friendly bar that is open during the pandemic?! What a find! Check out Canterbury Ale House in Seattle. This Capitol Hill pub has 30 draft beers, all the sporting events your dog truly doesn’t care about, and even a man living inside one of the mirrors! That’s right–legend has it that a man who was shot and killed inside now roams in and out of the mirrors. Like a way creepier Hogwarts.

Point Defiance Park – Tacoma

Buckle you and your precious cargo up, and hop on I-5 south to Tacoma (a little over an hour drive), to mosey through Point Defiance Park, one of the largest urban parks in the U.S. Meander through the Rose and Rhododendron Gardens, along the beaches and trails…and pay no mind to the 14-year-old girl who seems to follow you around the Park. That’s just Jennifer Bastian, whose body was found off the park’s main road after she went missing in 1986. She’s said to haunt the park at night, standing on the side of the road with her bike. No word on whether Jenny liked dogs though, so keep Princess leashed just in case.

Which of these Seattle ghost tours would scare the pup out of your dog? Let us know in the comments and tag #SidewalkDog when you check ’em out!

(Photo by Justin Jason)

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