5 Meetups for Seattle Dog Socialization

Man, making friends can be HARD! Especially when a large portion (if not all) of your life has been in a global pandemic. Yes, we’re talking to you, pandemic puppies! It’s great news on so many levels that Seattle has officially reopened (as of June 30, 2021), but it also means a huge lifestyle change for doggos who have been inside and glued to their owners for 15+ months. We’ve rounded up five meet-up groups for some Seattle dog socialization.

1. Puppy Play School and More 

With multiple meet-ups every week for various doggo ages and sizes, you’re sure to find one that fits your pandemic pup well! Cost is $15 a pup, and meets are held at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. Each class has five slots only, so as not to overwhelm your little dude. Pup’ll get play time, and some training tips and tricks! Win, win, win. 

2. Seattle’s Northwest Puppy Meetup Group

With almost 300 members, this is one of the largest puppy groups in the Seattle area! Not only do they arrange playdates for floofs, but the group also serves as a support group for new puppy parents to ask questions about training, behavior, and more. Cue the song “Lean on Me.”

3. North End Hikes and Walks With Dogs 

Don’t have a pandemic puppy, but do have a dog whose behavior has changed since the pandemic? Same. If you and pup are active, this group may be the one for you! They meet each Saturday morning for hikes in the Seattle area. Being outside and active with your dog, around other dogs, is a great way to ease pooches back into social hangs–no four walls to be protective over!

4. Over 40 Single Hikers and Adventurers 

Your floofer probably isn’t the only one who needs a little socialization after the year we’ve had! If you’ve stayed away from the dating game during the pandemic (we get it), but are ready to dip your toe back in the water, we found the group for you! With hikes regularly scheduled every week, you and doggo can meet new friends and get in some good exercise. Love it! 

5. Post-Pandemic Puppy Playdates 

There’s socialization, and re-socialization… and we don’t know a dang dog in the city who doesn’t need one or the other! This group is specifically designed for dogs and owners who found themselves with a brand new puppy during the pandemic (a laaaaarge group of people), or a dog whose behaviors changed quite a bit during this time and needs gentle re-acclimation into society. And honestly, same. 

Where’s your favorite place for Seattle dog socialization? Bark at us in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Seattle Facebook Group.

Featured photo: Anthony Duran

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