Looking for a Pal? Breed Specific Seattle-Area Dog Rescues to Consider

So we know that all dogs are perfect (it’s actually been scientifically proven that Ed Sheeran’s popular wedding song “Perfect” was written about dogs). While we wouldn’t recommend that as an answer if it ever came up at bar trivia, we do recommend checking out these breed specific Seattle-area dog rescues if some breeds are just a little more perfect for you.  

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Seattle

Berner lovers, this one’s for you! And gosh, there are a lot of you (understandably). This sweet breed is just as known for their friendly and calm temperament as they are for their size–and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Seattle takes pride in their full support of the breed and its specific needs. 

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington

Next pup is the American Gentleman/Gentlelady. These little dogs and their tuxedo-like markings are perfect for all members of the family and in any type of home. The Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington helps abandoned Boston Terriers who have medical expenses beyond routine care.  

Evergreen State Shetland Sheepdog Club 

Shelties are playful and affectionate, but also extremely intelligent and the epitome of a herder! ESSSC educates potential adopters to ensure these herd nerds end up in the right home.

Jack Russell Rescue Oregon, Washington & Idaho

Jack Russells in need, this rescue has your back!  The nonprofit has placed 700+ terriers in homes since 2006. The Pacific Northwest Jack Russell Terrier rescue works on a volunteer basis to foster, spay/neuter, vaccinate, microchip, and cover other veterinary expenses. 

Northwest Boxer Rescue

Boxers rule, but they also drool. If that’s OK with you, check out Northwest Boxer Rescue. They help Boxers finds happy lives in loving homes.

Northwest Samoyed Rescue

Two Seattle-area dog rescues, Samoyed Rescue of Oregon and Samoyed Club of WA State Rescue, combined to create NW Samoyed Rescue. All dogs within their rescue live in private foster homes. Want to throw away hours of your time? Take a look at their ‘Successes’ page to see the happy lives of all the sweet Samoyeds they’ve placed over the years. Who knows, your family could be on there soon…

NW Snowdog Rescue

Around 2014, several PNW Husky rescues closed or scaled back, and in response, longtime volunteers of those orgs formed NW Snowdog Rescue. The rescue has no physical location, so deeply depends on the passion and drive of their local foster families. As Huskies are wonderful but particular dogs, NWSR is selective with their application and home visit process to ensure an absolute sure fit.

Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Washington State

They’re the only officially sanctioned rescue Sheepdog nonprofit in the Pacific Northwest, and they take that very seriously! Volunteers provide safety, shelter, vet care, grooming, and anything else needed for Old English Sheepdogs. 

PNW Bulldog Rescue 

This organization exists to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome English and French Bulldogs from commercial breeding kennels, shelters, or individual owners. While both breeds are in high demand due to their Instagram appeal, they need homes who can manage their specific energies and needs, which PNWBR makes sure of.

Puget Sound Poodle Club Rescue

The Puget Sound Poodle Club Rescue places Poodles in loving, forever homes. Those looking to rescue or even foster are most welcome, as fosters are always needed to help with training, love, and encouragement. These goofballs are a barrel of fun, but don’t let their silliness fool you; they’re sharp as a tack!

Washington German Shepherd Rescue 

This volunteer-run nonprofit finds loving homes for surrendered and abandoned German Shepherds in the greater PNW region. A very popular dog for families, German Shepherds are intelligent, protective, and loyal! 

Washington Malamute Adoption League

Finally, we get to the powerful Malamute! This majestic breed is known for their ability to haul heavy loads, and for their love and loyalty to their hoomans. WAMAL was formed in 1998 and serves the greater Northwest, including Washington and Oregon.

Have you fostered or adopted a dog from one of these Seattle-area dog rescues? Woof at us in the comments, post on our Dog-Friendly Seattle Facebook Group, and be sure to tag #SidewalkDog in those pupper pictures.

Featured photo: Dagmar Klauvoza

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