7 Seattle Dog Parks for Every Pup and Play Style

Is your dog a people dog? A dog dog? Does she refuse to pee on anything but grass, or is she a woodchips gal? Is he weird about surfaces upon which balls don’t bounce, or hates the feel of rain on his back (yes, those dogs exist–even in Seattle)? No matter pup’s preference, there’s a dog park for that. Grab your leash and get ready to explore these indoor and outdoor options.

Indoor Seattle Dog Parks

1. Dogwood Play Park

This North Seattle hang is a dogsend for Seattleites looking to get their doggos exercise, especially in the dreary winter months. And if you need any more convincing, they have local beer, wine, and cider. There are Dogwood mediators to help watch the dergs, though that doesn’t mean you can slack and look away (she’s prob gonna do something cute!). It’s 21+, and dogs must be pup to date on vaccinations.

2. House of Ruff 

This indoor canine social club slash bar located in South Seattle truly scratches an itch that can be hard to get in this city. While it may be pouring outside, it’s 72 degrees inside House of Ruff every day of the year! There’s rubber flooring to prevent your pup from slipping and a canine grass patch for potty breaks so you can get back to your game of fetch ASAP. Words to the woofers: All dogs must pass a behavioral assessment prior to playing, and must be pup to date on vaccinations. 

Henlo & welcome to our hangout. | House of Ruff

Outdoor Seattle Dog Parks

3. Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area

Stuck on the ‘Accidental Island’ that currently is West Seattle? No worries as long as you have a floofer with you. Happy floof, happy you-f (see what we did there?), and he’ll be happy if he gets to Westcrest regularly! The spacious dog park has a tucked away trail for more private dogs and owners to mini hike, as well as the usual large field for those who just like to BALL. 

4. Magnuson Off-Leash Area 

Are you (and your pup) a “go big or go home” duo? Then Magnuson is the dog park for you. It’s officially the city’s largest dog park, located in the Sand Point neighborhood alongside Lake Washington. And before you ask–yes, there’s an outlet where eager merdogs can access the water, alongside 8.6 acres of fully fenced playspace. 

5. Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park

If you’re willing to make a bit more of a trek, might we suggest meandering over to Marymoor? Often referred to by locals as “Doggy Disneyland,” there’s no better way to treat your little princess. Why? Think 40 acres, 5 river access points, and 6 whole miles of winding trails. Now if only there were overpriced corn dogs…

6. Lower Woodland Dog Park 

Just southwest of Green Lake is Lower Woodland Park Off-Leash Area, one of the most pawesome off-leash parks in the city (IMHO). Your floof can get the zoomies all around the 1-acre, sloped, tree-covered park while you take a break on one of the many benches! 

7. Dr. Jose Rizal Park Off-Leash Area

Beacon Hill pups adore the 4 acres of play space Dr. Jose Rizal Park has to offer, and their peeps’ll similarly be obsessed by the unparalleled views of downtown Seattle. The park is right alongside the Mountains to Sound Greenway, and is accessible via a long set of stairs at the north end (ADA access available from bike trail).

Where’s your favorite dog park, indoor or outdoor, in our region? Bark in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Seattle Facebook Group!

Featured photo: Tatiana Rodriguez

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  1. Kendra

    Dogwood is in a pretty shady area of Lake City, so I definitely wouldn’t suggest it. Dog Yard or Voff are way better dog park+people bar options!


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