Best Seattle Photo Opps for Fall InstaDogs

Stage moms and dads, this is the time of the year you’ve all been waiting for—your shot at taking fall photos with our best frens, life companions, and [usually] reluctant models. We sniffed out the very best places to take Instagram photos cuz there’s nothing like those fall colors to really make their coat pop, you know?

We’ve rounded up a few locations around town where you’re guaranteed to get the best shots for the ‘gram, fridge, holiday card—you name it. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Kerry Park

If you haven’t taken a photo from the lookout at Kerry Park, have you ever even been to Seattle? No, no you haven’t. Your dog deserves this honor, too. Bonus points for sitting on the ledge and getting the Space Needle in the background. Basic? Yes. Guaranteed a minimum 100 likes online? Also, yes. Profile picture approved (and honestly, it looks even better in the fall with the moody gray skies). Speaking of moody, bring treats—you’ll need all your pupper’s angles, and that might take some time.

Brown and white dog sitting on bench beside scenic Seattle skyline, one of the best places to take Instagram photos.
Came to Kerry Park, saw Space Needle – wasn’t impressed.

Discovery Park

The infamous Discovery Park Loop Trail takes you through *three* different landscapes to pose Your Majesty in front of. Grassy fields? Vogue. Overlooking the Sound? Vogue. Forest? Vogue. In fall especially, the middle of the almost 3-mile loop feels like you’re hiking in the woods, not 10 minutes from downtown. When the leaves change, put your little model mid-trail, and voila! (Pro Tip: BYO PSL) 

Brown dog in woods looking embarrassed.
Bella is embarrassed of her stage mom.

Washington Park Arboretum 

Just south of UW’s main campus, there are 230 acres of fall gorgeousness that even the most pretentious pupper will swoon over. In fact, there are more deciduous tree species in this one place than any other setting in the PNW! Which is a huge relief since your one-of-kind furry friend deserves a one-of-a-kind fall photo. Are sending Falliday Cards a thing? Cause it should be. 

Where does your pup prefer to take Instagram photos? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tag @SidewalkDog in every last one of those masterpieces.

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