Update Pup’s Resume for These Seattle Dog-Friendly Workplaces

Poodle at office desk with people in the background.

Pupper’s been freeloadin’ for a while now, and it’s time to break the news–that kibble doesn’t pay for itself. It’s about time she punched a timecard. Lucky for you and your soon-to-be employed fren, we did some diggin on dog-friendly workplaces in Seattle so you can carpool (she can’t drive without thumbs!).

Dogs Supporting Dogs 

Is there anything more fulfilling than working fur a dog-focused company? That’s a rhetorical question. Fido is ready to get to work for his fellow furry friends, and you should be too at these dog-friendly pet businesses. 

Big Woof Communications Agencies

Fifi is a barker, and we love that she’s so communicative. She thinks it’s ‘bout time you finally use that communications degree. Fifi woofed at us, so we sniffed out these dog-friendly employers in communications. 


Your lil fluff’s a serious mutterial gurl, and we’re here for it. She figures if you get a job with one of these dog-friendly retail and ecommerce employers she’ll get a lot of cool stuff.  

Lights, Corgis, Events

We know pup already rides with the coolest peeps, but he’s always down to meet the next Katy Pawry. Secure your position and backstage pass in event planning at one of these dog-friendly workplaces.

Great Game 

When you look at pupper, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Gamer, of course! Since he always wants to play anyway, check out these dog-friendly gaming companies. 

Hounds For Health & Beauty 

Princess is the picture of health and beauty, and she wants to share her secrets with top specialists. Refresh your resume for a position at one of these dog-friendly health and beauty businesses.  


Doggo’s a leading hoomanitarian, which is really nice of him since he’s a dog. Get on pup’s level and help people by working for these dog-friendly places doin’ a good.

Tech Tailwags 

Puppo wants to learn more about computers; he’s heard something about a tera-bite. He can bone up on his code while you work. Just think, these dog-friendly tech companies are just missing your resume (and your pup). 

Mutt Marketing

Doggo doesn’t understand why there isn’t a dog in every marketing campaign. Lucky for him, he can come to work with you at any of these dog-friendly marketing firms. Don’t worry; he’ll be the company’s face if need be. 

Black and white Pointer takes lil nap in yellow chair at dog-friendly workplace
Post lunch nap break. | @Loftium

Running Real Estate 

Woofer’s ready to find someone their forever home (like she found in you), and you can help some hoomans find the house of their pup’s dreams. These real-estate-centered businesses are dog-friendly and ready for your resume. 

Once pup chooses one of these Seattle dog-friendly workplaces, it’s time to bone up that resume. Good luck, pup!

Did we miss any Seattle dog-friendly workplaces? Woof at us in the comments and tag @sidewalkdog in pics of your canine coworkers. 

Featured photo: Ekaterina Bolovtsova

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