Raise Your Spirits at 7 Dog-Friendly Seattle Distilleries

No fake brews here! Seattle may be the Hops Capital of the World and Napa of the North, but don’t sleep on the Pacific Northwest when it comes to hard liquor. We are, dare we say, a triple threat: great at beer, wine and liquor. Do some testing for yourself at our favorite dog-friendly Seattle distilleries.

Pandemic puppers: in the yikes that is 2020, we doo always recommend calling ahead! Please drink responsibly.

1. Woodinville Whiskey

You may only equate Woodinville with wineries, but Cookie the Woodinville Whiskey Distillery dog is here to convince you their distillery is pretty great too. If you have the class of your pup (only the best of the best), you’ll be pleased to know they’ve scraped together some incredible accolades over the years, including 2016 Whiskey of the Year and 2017 Rye Whiskey of the Year. Their tasting room is open daily from 11 a.m. through 5 p.m.

dog in front of barrels at Woodinville Whiskey
Kat Spellman / Woodinville Whiskey

2. J.P. Trodden

There’s dog-friendly, and then there’s dog obsessed… JP Trodden falls into the latter group. They always have water bowls and snacks ready to go for their furrier visitors, and also annually participate in a fundraiser for Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville.

3. 2bar Spirits

Down in SoDo, 2bar’s all about high quality spirits that are handcrafted right there in the city, with Galt the distillery dog always on hand for quality assurance. 2bar is a great distillery to visit if your four-legged companion tends to get fussy on long car rides.

Maddie Kelly / 2bar Spirits

4. Fremont Mischief

Up to no good? The cheeky Fremont Mischief is the right distillery for you. Along with offering some of the best cocktails in the city, they’ve opened up their new courtyard, where you can choose covered or rooftop seating and warm up with fire pits. Umbrellas are available to borrow for those of us with hair problems in the rain (raises paw).

5. OOLA Distilling

Oo-la-la! We just told you about the winery named after a dog, and now we’re here to introduce you to a distillery named after the owner’s believed German Shepherd, Oola. There during the infant years of her distillery (it is named after her, after all) she’s since “gone on to guard the great distillery in the sky,” but her spirit (and her K9 executives Phelan and Oliver) remain to regularly prowl the premises of the Capitol Hill distillery.

Oola, the distillery’s namesake. (Image: KT Niehoff / OOLA Distillery)

6. Letterpress Distilling

A craft distillery in Seattle, Letterpress harkens back to the good old days when people wrote each other cards instead of texts, and when handmade goods were valued above all else. Quality is extremely important to them, and it shows in the way they treat their two- and four-legged patrons.

7. Westland Distillery

If single malt whiskey is your drink of choice, look no further than Westland on 1st Avenue in Seattle. Bring your wallet because they also sell dog collars—COME ON! Bringing a cute pup into a distillery with goods that she knows she’ll look furbulous in?  Whiskey business…

Westland Distillery

Imbibe responsibly (your pup can’t drive you home!) and be sure to tag #SidewalkDog in all your adventures so we can ruv ‘em.

Featured photo: Daniel Brunsteiner

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