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As pup pawrents, we ask a lot of questions…

Honestly, why?

Luckily, the Internet is always there to help us understand why our dogs bark, hump people, eat poop, etc. And since we’re asking anyway, SearchKibble decided to make our searches more worthwhile by donating REAL kibble to pups in need with every search query asked through their platform.

Now’s the real fun part. Sidewalk Dog is teaming up with SearchKibble to benefit People & Pets Together, a MN-based org that provides assistance to pet parents facing economic crises, ultimately keeping pets right where they belong–with their humans.

All kibble raised through searches (approximately 2 kibbles per search) through the month of August will be matched and donated to the kind humans at People & Pets Together. But wait, there’s more! Five lucky searchers will be picked at random to win $100 Airbnb gift cards.

So ready to search your tails off? Fill out the form below (which guides you through how to download the SearchKibble extension), then ask as many questions as your heart desires. Note: The SearchKibble extension only works on desktop. To be eligible for prizes and for searches to benefit People & Pets Together, you must use the desktop extension.

Win $100 to AirBnB while raising kibble for for pups in need

Did you finish the form above? That’s it! You’re entered to win prizes, and can start earning kibble right away. If you haven’t, scroll up and get it done. It takes just a minute, and makes all the difference for pets in need.

Any questions? Drop ’em in the comments, or email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Featured photo: People & Pets Together

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