Rosedale Center Canceled Indoor Dog Walking. Here’s What to Do Instead.

Bad news, pups: Rosedale Center has canceled its indoor dog walking on Sunday mornings. Even worse, abandoned poops were a big, smelly part of the decision.

When we asked, a Rosedale Center rep stated, “The main reason we had to cancel was our inability to clean up all of the accidents before the mall was open to the public. We also just went through a multi-million-dollar renovation and the messes were beginning to wear down our center.”

What a puppin’ shame. Rosedale’s last dog-walking event will be 8-10 a.m., Sunday, Feb. 24. 

Now fur the good news: There are still more dog-friendly places ‘n parties around town than kibbles in a bowl. Here’s a pawful of our many faves:


On sunny (non-Pawler Vortex) days, there’s nothin’ better than a good romp in the great outdogs. Sniff and be sniffed at a local dog park, or layer up for an adventure through one of these doggone gorgeous dog-friendly hiking trails.

Have a pup who ruvs to pull? A little skijoring could be perfect for the two of you.


Take your bestie for some re-tail therapy at these dog-friendly Minnesota malls and more than 200 shops that’ll let you have your doggo in tow.

Check out an indoor dog park. Stone Mountain Pet Lodge has two locations, and a new dog park in St. Cloud even benefits senior rescue dogs.

Sidle up to the bar for a pint with your pooch at these local breweries that welcome dogs inside.

Prefer lattes to lagers? Here are a few coffee shops that allow woofers indoors, too.

Plan your dog’s next birthday party.

Get your dog started in agility training.

And if you really wanna get away, plan staycation at a dog-friendly hotel. Prefer a weekend road trip? Chicago hotels heckin’ love the pups, too.

Check out our Twin Cities event calendar for more tail-waggin fun. And for the love of dog, BYO poop bags.

(Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash)

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