7 Must-Have Dog Travel Supplies for Your Next Road Trip

This article is a part of our On The Road series, sponsored by Kurgo and Tall Tails. I adopted my dog, Nora, in 2016 from One Tail at a Time in Chicago. She was a rescue from Alabama, a state with a high euthanasia rate. As we come up on our five-year anniversary this summer, we’re celebrating with the ultimutt road trip. Follow along with our yappy trails as I take Nora to see the ocean.

Willie Nelson said it best when he sang, “On the road again…” While pupper is grateful for all the exploring around your neighborhood, the world is big and there’s more to see. As the temperatures warm up, pack your bags and get ready for wags. Just check out these 7 must-have dog travel supplies first to ensure that your vacation is relaxing for you and your dog.

1. Tall Tails Blanket

dog wrapped in Tall Tails blanket
Tall Tails

Spot is excited for all the new sights but a little bit of home isn’t a bad thing. A cozy blanket that he’s familiar with is a reminder of his comfy bed, porcelain water bowl (OK, the toilet), and treat cabinet. While carrying the smells of home, it provides a comfy spot for rest stop picnics, warmth for stargazing, or a bed in a pinch. 

Get it from Tall Tails starting at $16.99.

(Wanna get pup her very own blanket? Use code NORA25 for 25% off at Talltailsdog.com)

2. Hammock Car Seat Cover

dog in back seat on hammock car seat cover

Your dog may have called shotgun, but it’s in her best interest to sit in the back for this long drive. For the dog that has a hard time accepting no for an answer, a hammock car seat cover will provide a barrier to keep her from hopping up front. As an added perk, it’ll help keep your seats protected from mud, drool, and french fry grease.

Get it from Kurgo for $69.99. (Pssst… take 20% off with code NORA20)

3. Dog Seat Belt

kurgo dog seat belt

Somepuppy is a backseat driver, and if he sees you take one more wrong turn, he’s gonna come up there and take the wheel himself. Unfortunately, his lack of thumbs makes him a terrible second driver so let’s keep him in the backseat with a dog seatbelt. Clip this heavy duty carabiner to your dog’s harness to reduce your chances of distracted driving and keep your pupper safe. 

Get it from Kurgo for $22.99. (Pssst… take 20% off with code NORA20)

4. Medical Records

We think happy thoughts so we can manifest good road trip vibes, but it’s still important to prep for the what-ifs. In case something happens on the road, you’ll want a hard copy of your dog’s health history and vaccine records (especially if you’re crossing any borders). For the pet who has meds, a copy of their prescription will be helpful if you need more pills on the road.

5. First Aid Kit

dog first-aid kit

Buy a kit or make your own, but either way, you should have a first aid kit for your dog. It’d be a bummer if a boo boo derailed your itinerary. In a pinch, you could probably steal some gauze or alcohol wipes for yourself too.

Get it on Amazon for $24.99.

6. Photo of Your Dog

Your pet probably has their own Instagram, so we’re sure you have this one covered. In case the pupper decides to take a vacation from your vacation, having something to share while you search is absolutely crucial. If you’re a nervous Newfie, have a few copies of a pre-made Lost Dog flyer so you can post them at rest stops near where they went missing (dog forbid).

7. Dog Food and Water


While this road trip may be a chance for you to try new-to-you regional cuisines, let’s stick to what you know for your dog. Keeping their routine with feeding time and food will make all of this “new” a bit easier for them to digest. Don’t forget to give them regular access to water as well (and the appropriate pee breaks!). 

If Fido has a particular diet, a dog food travel bag may be helpful to store all their favorite snackies and basics. 

Get it on Amazon for $37.99.

Enjoy the Wind in Your Fur!

America is big and beautiful, and you wanna explore it all with your dog. A perk of taking the car is that you’re able to be over prepared and pack all the dog travel supplies just in case. While your suitcases may be perfectly packed, don’t forget to get your dog ready for a road trip too!

Where are you going this summer with your dog? Are there any dog travel supplies we fur-got? Woof at us in the comments and tag us with #SidewalkDog on all your road tripping adventures!

Featured photo: Tim Nöhrer

Safe and enjoyable travels for you and your pet are Kurgo’s passion. As the founders put it, “We never create a product unless we think it solves a real need, is original or a major improvement on what’s on the market, and can stand the test of time.” Their products come with a lifetime guarantee, which means you’ll never have to leave your BFF behind.

Tall Tails got their start in infant bedding, so you can rest assured that every product is crafted from durable, non-toxic materials and designed for easy cleaning. This means they’ll keep looking smart and stylish wherever your pet’s “dreamy place” might be. And you’ll feel good knowing your precious pet is happily napping in the most baby-safe bed, blanket, or throw you can find.

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