Request a FREE Turkey Muttloaf for Doggo (& Other Goodies)

Pupper eating her feelings rn? There’s mail for that.

You might’ve heard we had to cancel our Dog-Friendly Restaurant Pass (because pandemics just don’t know when to stahp already), but we didn’t have to cancel the accompanying special offers. In fact, we’ll MAIL you these puppies FUR FREE*—all you gotta do is fill out the form below to score:

Be sure to tag us at @SidewalkDog and use the hashtag #SidewalkDog so we can see all your pupper’s fun adventures. We miss those wiggle butts!

*While supplies last.

Image credit: @aspenthedoxie

Sidewalk Dog’s mission is to help dog parents spend more time with their puppers by discovering and sharing activities they can do and places they can go—together! Sniff out our award-winning newsletter and Instagram, then join our Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook Group.

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