5 Reasons to Date a Dog Lover

You know it, and we know it: dog lovers are the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the whole package, etc. (That list really could go on, but we’ll show a little bit of editorial integrity and stop it there.) And while we both know dog lovers are the best, we got you a little present you can share with anyone doubting you: the top 5 reasons to date a dog lover.

1. We’re great at sharing the bed.

Dog lovers don’t require huge swaths of personal space at night. Frankly, we’re just not used to it. So feel free to spread out and take up as much space as you can get your paws on: after sharing our bed and covers with a dog with worse breath, more fur (hopefully), and more slobber (REALLY hopefully), and lots of shedding, you’re not going to offend us by hogging the blankets. We’ve had it much worse.

2. We don’t sweat the small stuff.

Dogs have been known to destroy entire couches in the span of an afternoon, so we’re not going to freak out if you break a wine glass.

3. We’re forgiving.

Okay, let’s say you broke that wine glass because you got drunk, decided to install new shelving in the kitchen, and when it all crashed down in the middle of the night, you didn’t just break one glass, you broke every dish in the house. Not great, admittedly, but we dog lovers are a very forgiving sort. We have to be — because you are not the only one making a mockery of our house.

Exhibit A:

Photo: BarkPost

4. We’re patient.

We taught our dogs to sit, stay, roll over, balance on their back legs, and give high fives. And it was hard. And it took forever. But if we were patient enough to handle that, we’re patient enough to listen to you explain why the even-numbered seasons of Battlestar Galactica are so much better than the odd-numbered seasons. (Or do we have that backwards? Hey, we’ll listen to you talk about it, but we don’t promise to remember the details. After all, our dogs never tried to discuss the finer details of Dog Whisperer with us.)

5. We’re all in.

Once you’re a member of our pack, you’re in it for life, baby. Feeling sick? We’ll take you to the doctor. Feeling blue? We’re here for a cuddle session. Experiencing existential ennui beyond words? Hey, friend, let’s take a long walk around the lake without saying a word. We’ll just be together and start over again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. For life — because that’s just how we dog lovers roll.

(Top photo by Laula Co)

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Date a Dog Lover

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  2. Gailyn Holmgen

    Dog lovers don’t have to be told every little thing….we get it by looking at you. We figured out how our dogs like to be petted and where, what their outside schedules were, what the best food is and what they like to play with and how. All without words. Your moods are at least that easy. We are observant and we can sit quietly and be happy.


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