Puppy Party! These Rescues Will Bring Puppies to Your Home or Office

What makes a party un-fur-gettable? What can make litter-ally EVERYONE happier in a dang instant? Puppies, that’s what. A pawful of local rescues will bring puppies to your Twin Cities home or business in exchange for a donation. Puppy breath ‘n cuddles. You need dis. (Warning: They’re adoptable.)

For a puppy party at the office:

In warmer months, Safe Hands Rescue hosts “Pup-Ups”—de-stress puppy playdates outdoors or in tents. It’s a $500 minimum donation from the company and/or employees but playtime with adoptable puppies is priceless so you’re already getting the deal of a lifetime. 

Spot’s Last Stop’s Canine Coffee Breaks include 1-2 hours of workday wiggles that’ll make you the office hero. Seriously, your faces are gonna hurt from smiling. Email Grant Adams for donation info and scheduling.

For a puppy party anywhere:

Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS) will bring puppies to you or let you come to its facility for the ulti-mutt get-happy sesh. (Psst: They often host puppy yoga, too.) Call 763-503-4990 for the scoop. 

(Photo by Secondhand Hounds)

Secondhand Hounds will bring 3 or more puppies from the same litter ($500 donation), or 3 or more puppies and friendly smol doggos ($350 donation) to you within 30 miles of its Minnetonka office. Then there’ll be 90 minutes of snuggles, belly rubs, playtime, and naps. What a time to be alive.

Know another rescue that hosts puppy parties? Woof at us in the comments!

(Top photo by Papawrazzi for Spot’s Last Stop)

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