Watch as Rescued Puppy Seems to Age in Reverse

An Amazing Rescue Story

This inspiring tale of Puppy Benjamin Button has endeared the online community. The video, posted by “The Dodo,” is a riveting tale of a puppy’s unmeasured will to live. 

In it, we see a withered puppy covered in wrinkles. Unable to walk with her front legs, the poor puppy can only crawl over the concrete floor, waving her shriveled little tail as she greets her rescuers. 

The Inspiring Tale of Puppy Benjamin Button

This is puppy Ayla, who reminds us slightly of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” a short story written by Scott Fitzgerald and taken to the screen in 2008. The film was directed by David Fincher and stars Brad Pitt as the newborn Benjamin Button who startles his father as he is brought from the delivery room as a fully grown, and aged, adult. 

While Fitzgerald’s Benjamin Button story is about how humans struggle to fulfill society’s expectations, Ayla’s story is all about a dog’s resilience and the kindness and empathy of her amazing rescuers.  

An Act of Love and Compassion

It’s refreshing to see this evidence of love and compassion. 

Puppy Ayla was found in Bali by a group of rescuers. She had a condition which made it difficult to stand on her front legs. Also, her skin appeared almost completely shriveled and frail. But despite this, she was still the most adorable puppy playing in the sun, all belly-up and cute. 

Friendly Despite the Discomfort

The rescuers noticed that Ayla was very friendly. Despite her obvious discomfort, she was so well-mannered and not afraid of humans. She must have been well treated by her previous owners, but they probably lacked the resources and knowledge to care for her and the three other dogs she was found with, who were in similar conditions.

Seeing her painfully trying to relieve her itches broke her rescuers’ heart. They were amazed at how she still enthusiastically wagged her little tail, even through all the pain she was enduring. 

Something had to be done to help these defenseless animals from further neglect. The previous owners of the dogs thankfully surrendered them to the care of the rescuers, who had sufficient resources to care for them.

A Loving Rescue

Guided by their infinite compassion, they took on the mission of bringing Ayla and her friends to a healthy form. 

And this they achieved by the force of their will and the magnitude of their heart. 

First, they took Ayla to a vet, who looked at her and verified she had no broken bones. Instead, what Ayla was suffering from was a type of deformity in her front legs. 

Rejuvenated to the Prime of Her Puppyhood

As the video continues we see images of Ayla being held and pampered as she appears to “rejuvenate” from all the love and care she is provided.

The rescuers build a cast to strengthen Ayla’s weaker leg and we see her walking and even hopping around most adorably. (Always with a smile on her snout and bright light in her eyes, that Ayla!)

After no more than a week in their care, Ayla’s feet start to respond to the treatment. Looks like love and care goes a long way in puppy medicine. Her legs get stronger every day and her puppy excitement grows and grows. 

Time to Play!

Once ready, she is introduced to the other rescued animals and they welcome her with an excited “Woof! Woof!”

She blossoms alongside the other dogs, making everybody around her get teary-eyed as they watch her play and snuggle with her new furry friends. Even after all the trauma she went through, she remains a sweet and loving puppy. 

It’s All About Gratitude

Ayla is so grateful for being saved, which is something that most if not all rescue dogs are. 

That’s because dogs are extremely loyal and they never forget who gave them a helping hand when they needed it the most. 

In the video, we also see some remarkable before and after images of the other dogs who were with Ayla when she was rescued. They too seem to have been rejuvenated to their best years, showcasing a healthy coat and a splendid dog smile. 

Finding a Forever Home

After three months Ayla is fully recovered. Her coat is now golden and soft like the morning sun. Her caregivers know it’s time to find her a forever home. In the video, we see her sweet eyes, so grateful for her new shot at life, and we can’t help but wish her the best that life can offer.  

And as well wishes are made, so are they answered. Jonathan and Daniel visit the rescuers’ safehouse and fall in love with Ayla at first sight. (And how could they not?) They were looking for a rescued dog to complete their family and Ayla is perfect.

Full House!

Finally, Ayla joins Jonathan, Daniel, and two more dogs, completing a family that is all about nurture, love, and companionship. When visiting Ayla her rescuers were overjoyed to see her being spoiled and finally receiving the care she deserves.

In the end, the story of puppy Ayla shows how much healing can be achieved through resilience, a puppy’s will to live, and the wisdom of gratitude.  

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