PUP YEAH: Dogs Will Be Allowed Inside (Some) Minneapolis Taprooms!

This just in: A new variance allows well-behaved, leashed puppers to hang out INDOORS at select Minneapolis taprooms!

The variance is NOT available to breweries that prepare food on site. It isn’t yet known which breweries will be applying for the variance, but two of our best guesses so far include Sisyphus Brewing and Lakes & Legends Brewing, both of whom worked with the city to get this through. (Update 7/13/17: Lakes & Legends, Modist, and Sisyphus are now confirmed dog-friendly),

Taprooms will need to apply for the variance before dogs can legally enter, so check with individual breweries before popping in. And some breweries allow dogs in their taproom in an “under the radar” situation (we won’t tell if you don’t). As always, we’ll be doing our doggone best to keep our directory up to date; let us know if you have a brewery (or other pup-loving business) that you’d like us to add.

If you plan to bring your pup to one of Minneapolis’ dog-friendly taprooms, see below for some rules of the ‘room. Following them will ensure that this variance sticks around for the long haul. (And maybe other cities will even follow suit!)

Major wags to the City of Minneapolis’ Lisa Goodman, Andrew Johnson, Daniel Huff, and more; Catherine Cuddy at Sisyphus and Ethan Applen at Lakes & Legends; and every dog lover who signed our petition.

Leash up your pup and enjoy your new(ly legal) stomping grounds, folks!

(Can’t bring your dog indoors at your fave MN brewery? Don’t fret! Most of ’em allow dogs on their patios.)

4 thoughts on “PUP YEAH: Dogs Will Be Allowed Inside (Some) Minneapolis Taprooms!

  1. Luna's Mom

    “Breweries that prepare food on site.” Does this mean that maybe some coffee shops will soon added to this variance? Many serve muffins or cookies, but don’t bake on site. We can only hope!!

    1. Sidewalk Dog Post author

      The wheels are in motion to hopefully make it happen for coffee shops later this year! 😀

  2. FD

    It’s great to see major cities become more and more dog friendly! I live in California where dogs are pretty much allowed everywhere, but it’s hard to travel with my dog as most cities and states aren’t as acceptant. I’m super happy to see this. Thanks for sharing. Go MN!


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