Trespass and Splash! Adorable Pup Sneaks into Neighbor’s Pool

The cutest trespassing video has surfaced on the web, giving the dog days of summer a whole new definition.

Zeppole, a genius one-year-old Labrador Retriever, decided to take matters into his own paws during this heatwave and take a quick plunge into his neighbor’s pool. The entire incident was filmed by his human, Erin Farley, and it’s yet another testimony to her dog’s amazing personality. 

As a sizzling heatwave dropped over the country, Zeppole felt the need for some refreshment. So, he decided to go ahead and climb over the fence to take a dip in his next-door neighbor’s lush pool.

Erin quickly tried to get him out, but Zeppole wanted nothing of it. As she pulled him out he just stood still in the water and plunged back in. Let me keep playing, Mom!!!

Zeppole has certainly been keeping his human on her toes recently. He’s been hopping the fence and visiting his neighbor’s pool for a few weeks now. Fortunately, Zeppole’s and Erin’s neighbors are amazing people who understand that the pup is just so hot from the high temperatures. 

This adorable Lab puppy has a whole personality of his own! He even had a recent run-in with a shark. 

As Erin recounts, they were at the beach when she saw him coming over gleefully wagging his tail, bringing something in his jaw. Dog owners are all too familiar with the thought of “Please let that be a log!” upon seeing their dogs carrying unidentified objects in their mouths. 

She knew by the way he pranced forward to her that it was going to be something funny. It turns out Zeppole found a shark and brought it over to Erin to show her what a good dog he is. She bet anyone watching her trying to get her dog to drop the shark must have gotten a good laugh.

To her amazement, the trespassing video went viral on TikTok. She wasn’t sure if she was the only one who thought he was funny (most dog parents have this same feeling). But Zeppole has a TikTok-approved hilarious personality, with many of his videos making hundreds of people laugh.

Hopefully, everyone finds a way to pass through this summer’s heat wave with lots of refreshing humor, icy fun times, and chilly laughs with their fluffy best friends! 

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