5 Products to Ease Dog Car Anxiety

Maybe all you need to destress is the open road, a full tank of gas, and your four-legged bestie. But perhaps for your four-legged bestie, the wind in her fur is a little less relaxing and a lot more “Dogkind was not intended to move this fast.” Help ease pupper’s car fears with these products for dog car anxiety. 

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1. A Tall Tails Comfort Blanket to help pup get cozy.

Tall Tails

If the fear of new places is the root of pup’s car anxiety, help him feel more at peace by bringing something he’s familiar with in the car. This Tall Tails blanket is soft as heck and is gonna be his #1 snooze spot at home. Hopefully it’ll be a good luck charm for your next road trip! 

Get it from Tall Tails starting at $29.99 (and use code NORA25 for 25% off!).

2. Some Zesty Paws Calming Bites to help take off the edge.


Help your dog feel the zen you feel while on the road with some Zesty Paws Calming Bites. These treats are made of ingredients you may recognize, like hemp seed, chamomile, and ginger root, to help ease stress for your pup, even in the most unknown situations. 

Get it on Amazon for $28.97.

3. For the pup anxious about a fashion tragedy, look and feel good in a Thunder Shirt.


If car rides are your dog’s #1 fear, and a fashion tragedy is a close #2, a Thunder Shirt may be the way to go. For some dogs, the constant pressure from a Thunder Shirt helps calm them down; a long hug, who wouldn’t feel a bit more relaxed? 

Get it on Amazon starting at $34.53.

4. A car harness to keep your backseat driver snug and safe.


“Excuse me, we’re travelling 60 mph down the highway and I’m NOT strapped in?” If your dog could speak, that may be what she’s saying as you travel *ahem* the speed limit down the highway. Help your dog feel more secure in the car with a Kurgo crash-tested car harness (also doubles as an everyday harness) to keep him in place in the backseat.

Get it from Kurgo for $44.99 (Psst use code NORA20 for 20% off). 

5. An Adaptil Calming Collar, bc black and self care are always in fashion.


Maybe your dog is just being a big ol’ baby about the car, and there’s no reason to shame him for that! Try an Adaptil Calming Collar, which replicates a momma dog’s natural nursing pheromones to calm down pup’s anxiety. 

Get it on Amazon for $20.80.

When all else fails, prescription medication may be the route to go.

Your attempts at calming your dog down in the car may be strong, but sometimes their anxiety is stronger. If your dog is *that* anxious about being a backseat driver, talk to your vet about prescription medication like Trazadone for stressful situations like car rides. 

What are your favorite products for dog car anxiety to calm down your Nervous Newfie? Woof at us in the comments and tag us with #SidewalkDog on all your pupper’s post-car ride adventures!

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