11 Must-Have Products for Muddy Dogs This Spring

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Spring has sprung like a Spaniel, and that means more walks, more hikes, more sunlight, more park and patio hangs…and also more rain and dirt and general canine chaos. From keeping it cute to minding the mud, here are some useful—and adorable!—products to purchase for your pup this spring.

1. Rubber dog booties bc your lil prince isn’t puppin’ up that pawdicure.

purple Pawz rubber dog boots for spring dogs

Get your guy ready for April (and May, and June) showers with a quad of super-cute rain boots. Available in sizes from tiny to extra large and colors from across the color spectrum, these rubber booties don’t require zippers or straps and they make it look like the pup has little balloons on his feet.

Get ‘em on Amazon starting at $12.60.

2. Dog paw cleaner if your pup says hail no to the booties.

mud buster paw cleaner for spring dogs

Know what else April showers bring? Disgusting, filthy paws that necessitate a bath every time you and your pup take even a quick stroll around the block. This little handheld mudbuster comes highly recommended by online reviewers and dog owners we know (even if one very tough husky is still a little afraid of it).

Get it from Petco starting at $14.99.

3. A doggie daypack for adventuring outdoors.

Outward Hound

It’s high time your canine started carrying his own weight around here. A saddlebag-style pack like this one has a slim profile and four expandable pockets that can stash treats, toys, and more. 

Grab it from Amazon starting at $25.37.

4. A backpack that keeps their stuff in one place—because let’s be real, you’re going to end up carrying it all anyway.


Whether it’s a day at the park or a weekend getaway, you can keep your dog’s sh*t together with a travel bag like this Hilike Pet Travel Bag, which also comes with a food carrier bag, two collapsible silicone bowls, a blanket, and a frisbee. Truly the total package!

Grab it on Amazon for $43.95.

5. A heavy-duty scooper to make the Great Thaw a little less icky. 


“Spring,” used here, refers to the mechanism this thing uses to scoop the poop outta your yard. But spring also happens to be the time a season’s worth of snow melts and you realize there’s a season’s worth of mess out there for you to clean up, too.

Find it on Amazon starting at $10.94.

6. Cute poop bag case bc why shouldn’t it be darling?

patterned poop bag holders
PercysCorner on Etsy

While we’re at it, what about a refresh on the mid-walk waste management front? We love these outdoorsy bag pouches.

Sniff out various styles, sizes, and prices on Etsy.

7. A water bottle of their own so you don’t end up clumsily dishing out water in the palm of your hand.

Kong water bottle for spring dogs

…not that we’ve ever been there! But this stainless steel drinking vessel is a colorful, fun, and super useful springtime accessory to bring with on your walks and hikes. Plus, get this: The lid is the bowl. What will they think of next?

Snag it on Amazon starting at $13.09.

8. A rain jacket that’s as nice as (or nicer than) yours.

dog in rain jacket

Perfect for those chillier walks, this insulated, super-adjustable Hurtta Drizzle Dog Coat is great for rain and wind and mud. Plus, it has plenty of reflective bits, if you’re taking said chillier walks in the early morning or evening hours.

Get it on Amazon starting at $80.50.

9. A last-ditch effort to keep your car somewhat clean.

dog sitting in SUV

We love the Ruffwear Dirt Bag Seat Cover—thing is a must for springtime hiking, walking, and generally just leaving the house. It’s waterproof and adventure-proof, can be attached hammock-style or as a standard seat cover, and comes clean with a shake.

Buy it on Amazon for $89.95.

10. Towels. Towels for every dog darn room in the house. 

dog drying towels for spring dogs

A quick-drying towel is one of those things you kind of can’t have enough of, especially in the soggy spring months. Stash one in the car, shed, garage, entryway to the house—these come in a cute print you won’t mind seeing everywhere. 

Find them on Amazon for $12.90.

11. An update on the not-so-fun bug stuff.

Is it a flirty, fun, adorable, or Instagrammable springtime purchase? Not so much. Is it super necessary? Yup! (Will your dog hate it? Also yes.) Once warmer weather rolls around and you and your pup are spending more time outside, bug deterrents are non-negotiable. Time to re-up on your flea and tick preventives—and don’t skip the pre-hike flea and tick wipes and post-hike flea and tick shampoo.

Get the wipes and shampoo on Amazon for $9.99 and $14.99, respectively.

How are you and your spring dogs having fun in the mud this year? Let us know in the comments, and don’t furget to tag #SidewalkDog in any and all pics of your muddy buddies!

Featured photo: Josh Rocklage

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