Colorado Pups: Help Prevent Dog Cancer

Danielle Biggs, VACCS Trial Veterinary Technician and Dr. Doug Thamm, VACCS Trial Director

You read it right, folks and pup-kind; Colorado State University’s world-renowned Flint Animal Cancer Center is recruiting dogs for a Vaccination Against Canine Cancer Study (VACCS trial). Quick sniff: 1 in 4 dogs develop cancer in their lifetime, and your best furry friend could help find a vaccine to prevent dog cancer for good. If successful, this first-of-its-kind study could provide justification for looking at a similar approach in humans. Holy pup, that’s cool. 

Why Participate in VACCS?

In addition to being on the cutting-edge of some important medical research, there’s some extra kibble in it for you and pup to participate. Your dog’ll receive no-cost medical monitoring and diagnostics two times yearly (until May 2024) by a board certified medical oncologist. Should your dog develop cancer (dog forbid—but remember 1 in 4 do!), catching it early means a better outcome. VACCS will also offer financial assistance to defray costs of cancer treatment. 

Plus, imagine being able to say your dog helped end canine cancer for good. That’s some serious bragging rights for a very good boy. 

VACCS Requirements

Dogs mutts meet the following requirements to be chosen for the VACCS trial:

  • Live within 150 miles of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo. 
  • 5.5-11.5 years young
  • Weigh 12+ lbs
  • No previous history of cancer or autoimmune disease
  • No significant illness that could result in 5 or less year lifespan
  • Not currently taking immunosuppressive meds
  • Mixed-breeds accepted. Breed restrictions apply (trial accepts breeds at higher risk of cancer); more here

If chosen, your pup’ll receive at random: either a series of vaccines or placebo vaccines. They’ll keep livin’ young and wild and free at home, and be checked out two times annually until May 2024. 

Your dog’s your hero, but could go down in history as one too. Apply here to participate in the VACCS trial, and share this article with anypawdy and everypuppy. 

Flint Animal Cancer Center Colorado State University logo

The Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University offers a unique combination of advanced cancer diagnostic services, innovative treatment options, and compassionate care for dogs, cats, and other pets with cancer.  Follow VACCS on Facebook and Insta to stay pup to date on the trial.

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