Presenting Maggie: The newest Sidewalk Dog!

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When Luc (pooch pal of Sidewalk Dog’s fearless leader Ali Jarvis and original Sidewalk Dog) passed away this spring, we were touched by the outpouring of sympathy and support by our friends and colleagues.

Well, we still miss Little Lemon, but we have some happy news to report. Sidewalk Dog is no longer a one-pup operation! Please welcome Maggie, Ali’s new furry friend, to the Sidewalk Dog family!

Maggie is a one-year-old Blenheim-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (the same breed Luc was) that Ali adopted from Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society last month. Ali got a tip from Sidewalk Dog reader and Cavalier fanatic Julie Schaffer LeRud, who sent Ali a link to Maggie’s page on “Her previous owners were moving out-of-state and asked a neighbor to take her for a couple weeks while they got settled, after which they’d come back for her and their remaining things. Apparently, they never came back—never even called,” Ali says. “The neighbor kept her for a couple additional weeks then surrendered her to Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society because they already had two dogs.”  The rest, as they say, is history.

After much deliberation, Ali decided to change the dog’s name from Lola to Betty Hattie Maggie (aka Moo), which Ali says is her final choice—unless she changes her mind again.

Maggie loves to “shake the living daylights out of whatever she’s playing with,” says her mom, Ali Jarvis.

Maggie’s settling into her new home quite well. “It just feels so good to have a dog again,” Ali says. “Not only does she make me smile and laugh all the time, but I get so excited to come home knowing she’s going to attack me with love.  It’s truly humbling how devoted she is to me already. But I am to her, too.” And Maggie’s a bit more lively than our beloved Lemon was: “She loves soft plush toys that she can shake the living daylights out of. She also loves her leash—she shakes the living daylights out of it, too (we’re working on this).”

But there’s one issue from Maggie’s past that Ali has to pay special attention to: her weight. “She weighed a whopping 30 pounds when I got her. That’s massive for a Cavalier, even a big-boned gal like her. Her belly has rolls! She needs to lose about 10 pounds—bet she’s lost a few so far,” Ali says. “We go on lots of walks (she’s a big fan, so that’s good), play a lot of fetch (she plays a mean game) and use portion control  (she’s not a fan of this).”

And life as a Sidewalk Dog won’t be all fun and games for Maggie: There are duties to fulfill. “First Maggie would like to thank Sadie the Wonderdoodle for doing the job of two Sidewalk Dogs during Luc’s life (since Luc had so many health issues, Sadie covered the Romping and Adventure departments) and since he passed. She doesn’t want to take anything away from Sadie, but she’s hoping she’ll get to share in her duty of  Treat Taste Tester.” According to Maggie’s mom, however, this won’t happen until she loses some weight.

So keep an eye out for the newest addition to our family at events, dog-friendly restaurants and dog-friendly businesses!

Want to learn more about Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society? Here are some quick stats:

  • SW Metro is a foster-based group, meaning they don’t have a shelter building, but keep adoptable animals in foster homes. If you’d like to foster for them, call 952.368.PAWS (7297) and leave a message on line 3.
  • Not only do they foster, rescue and place dogs, but they provide these services for cats, rabbits and other small pets.
  • Pet Adoption Days are held the second Saturday of each month at PetSmart in Eden Prairie from noon to 3 p.m.

— Meredeth Barzen

“Our biggest problem is finding enough volunteers to help maintain the organization and foster homes to house our animals,” says Mary Matthies, dog coordinator for Southwest Metro Animal Rescue. “We need volunteers to help with fundraising, special events, marketing/advertising, and coordinating our dog, cat and small animal programs. We have to turn animals away all the time due to a lack of open foster homes. The more foster homes we have, the more animals we can help.” Visit for more information.

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  1. Amy

    Ah, so sweet! We rescued a male Blenheim a few years back, also extremely overweight. We named him Teddy, because he looked like a Teddy bear.

  2. Mary Matthies

    So happy to see you and Maggie are doing great and ready to begin making the rounds together. Maggie is looking so much thinner already! Thank you so much for spreading the word about SW Metro Animal Rescue. We, along with all the other wonderful rescue groups in the Twin Cities area, are just trying to give these wonderful animals the loving homes they deserve. Keep up the good work, Ali & Maggie!

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