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Every poodle owner understands that grooming is not merely a luxury but a necessity for this breed. Regular grooming keeps their coat clean, tangle-free, and healthy. But beyond these practical considerations, grooming your poodle is an opportunity to showcase your pup’s personality and style. And let’s face it, there’s an undeniable charm to a well-groomed poodle strutting its stuff down the street or at the dog park! When it comes to poodles, their unique curly hair offers endless possibilities for stylish haircuts. From the classic “puppy cut” to elaborate show cuts, poodle haircuts can truly showcase their elegance and charm.

Here are a few examples of popular haircuts for poodles:

The Puppy Cut

When it comes to poodle haircuts, the “puppy cut” is a timeless favorite among dog owners. This adorable and practical haircut keeps your poodle’s hair short and even all over their body, resembling the look of a puppy.

First and foremost, the puppy cut is perfect for those dog owners who want a low-maintenance grooming routine. With shorter hair, there’s less chance of tangles and mats, making it easier to brush and maintain. This style is especially beneficial during hot summer months, as it helps to keep your poodle cool and comfortable.

Continental Cut

The Continental Cut is the classic poodle style, often seen in dog shows. This cut features shaved hindquarters with pom-poms around the ankles and a full, fluffy mane around the chest and ribcage. It’s a style that showcases the elegance and poise of the breed.

This cut requires quite a bit of maintenance, but the result is a truly striking and traditional look. It’s perfect for poodle owners who love to show off their pet’s unique style and don’t mind spending some extra time on grooming.

Teddy Bear Cut

As the name suggests, the Teddy Bear Cut makes your poodle look like a cuddly teddy bear. The hair is kept longer on the body and head, with shorter hair on the paws for a rounded, fluffy appearance. This style is perfect for those who love to snuggle their poodles!

English Saddle Cut

The English Saddle Cut is similar to the Continental Cut, with a full mane and pom-poms on the ankles. However, this style leaves more fur on the hindquarters, similar to a saddle shape. It’s a slightly less dramatic look but still full of charm and personality.

Like the Continental Cut, the English Saddle Cut requires a fair bit of upkeep. But for those who are committed, it offers a unique and delightful look that celebrates the poodle’s heritage and breed.

Royal Dutch Cut

The Royal Dutch Cut is another traditional poodle style that’s full of elegance and sophistication. This cut features a shaved face, feet, and base of the tail, with a fluffy topknot, mane, and tail. It’s a dignified look that’s fitting for the regal poodle breed.

This style requires regular grooming to keep the longer fur looking its best. But for those who are willing to put in the time, the Royal Dutch Cut is a distinctive and stylish option.

Princess Cut

Next up is the Princess Cut, a haircut that’s as charming as it sounds. This style features a fluffy body, trimmed ears, and a neatly shaped face. The tail is often styled into a pompom, adding a whimsical touch to your pet’s look.

The Princess Cut is perfect for Poodles who have a soft, delicate demeanor. The fluffy body highlights the breed’s luxurious coat, while the trimmed face and ears add a neat, well-groomed appearance.

Royal Tail Cut

The Royal Tail Cut is a style that’s fit for a king or queen. This cut features a short body, full legs, and a long, lush tail. The tail is the highlight of this style, giving your Poodle a regal, commanding appearance.

The Royal Tail Cut is an excellent choice for Poodles who have a strong, confident personality. The long tail adds a touch of majesty, while the short body and full legs provide a balanced, elegant look.

Corded Cut

The Corded Cut is not for the faint-hearted. It requires substantial grooming and maintenance, but the result is a showstopper. This cut involves growing the Poodle’s hair into long, thin cords, similar to dreadlocks, giving them a unique and striking appearance.

If you’re a Poodle owner who loves to stand out from the crowd, the Corded Cut might be perfect for you. It’s a statement haircut that is sure to attract attention and compliments wherever you go.

Dutch Cut

The Dutch Cut is a classic yet versatile style. This cut leaves a mane of fur around the neck and shoulders, while the body is trimmed short. The legs are also left with a good amount of hair, giving your Poodle a balanced, elegant appearance.

The Dutch Cut is not only about aesthetics but also about practicality. This style is easy to maintain, making it ideal for active Poodles who love to play outdoors. Plus, the shorter body hair can help keep your pet cool during the warmer months.

How to Groom Your Poodle

Tools You’ll Need

Before you begin grooming your poodle, it’s essential to gather all the necessary tools. You’ll need a good pair of dog grooming scissors, a comb with both narrow and wide teeth, dog-safe shampoo and conditioner, a hairdryer, and a grooming table or similar comfortable space to work on.


Start by bathing your poodle using the dog-safe shampoo, making sure to rinse thoroughly. After bathing, apply conditioner and allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing. This will make your poodle’s coat easier to work with. Dry your poodle using a hairdryer, but remember to keep it on a low heat setting to avoid burning your dog’s skin.

Grooming Steps

Begin by combing through your poodle’s coat to remove any tangles. Once your poodle is tangle-free, you can begin cutting the hair. It’s best to start with the body and work your way to the legs, tail, and head. Take your time and remember to frequently step back to assess your work. With patience and practice, you’ll master the art of poodle grooming!

Remember, while grooming your poodle at home can be a fun and bonding experience, it’s always okay to seek professional help if you’re unsure or uncomfortable. After all, the most important thing is that your poodle feels safe, comfortable, and loved during their grooming session.


Poodle haircuts offer a wonderful way to express your poodle’s personality and keep them looking stylish. Whether you opt for the playful puppy cut or the glamorous show cuts, each style has its own unique charm. Remember to consider your poodle’s comfort, lifestyle, and grooming routine when choosing a haircut.

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