12 Pit Bulls to Follow on Instagram

Pit bulls are really ridiculously good looking, and they know it. And lucky for all of us, someone gave these pups Instagram accounts (thank dog).

In no paw-ticular order, here are 12 pit bulls to follow on Instagram — they’ll brighten your day and fill your feed with d’aww.

1. Part unicorn, part pibble, Milo’s (@mysterypibble‘s) majestic posts are guaranteed to delight. His pretty smile got him adopted, but we’re willing to bet his luscious mane didn’t hurt.


2. National treasure and former stray Pudge (@pudgethepit) is fancy, Jewish, and fully accessorized. Follow this rotund land manatee for loads of smoosh.


3. This @FresnoBullyRescue alum, @theladyshortcake, is having a ball living that SoCal life. Scroll through her pics and your face will be stuck in the shape of a smile too.


4. Sassy senior Nana (@journeyofnana) may have lost her ears after a horrible crop job, but she gained a second chance to live her dreams when her ma scooped her from the shelter.


5. This Chicago wonderdog-on-wheels helps foster pets with special needs and is an advocate for pups with mobility issues. Cute AND sweet? Josh (@gimmesomejosh) is the total package!


6. Senior pibble @lexy_the_elderbull lives every day to the fullest and with flair. Try scrolling through her pics and not smiling. We dare you.


7. Dory (@dorytheprettypittie) is an up-and-comer in the Instagram scene with one-in-a-million good looks. (Minnesotans will love following her adventures at dog-friendly spots like Rosedale Center!)


8. The Whitest Pups You Know (@thewhitestpupsyouknow) are basically a gang of art school dogs who probably would have been too cool to talk to us in school but now bless our feeds with group pics (in their spare time, they also model for @rescuestrongco).


9. Henry’s feed (@henrythecoloradodog) will basically transport you to a dream mountain vacation. His adventures with his feline bff Baloo make us seriously jealous.


10. Rescue pittie Chase (aka @sometimescarl when he’s being extra weird) shares his silly antics with his cult of followers. Give him a follow and learn what it takes to master the art of couch potato-ing (yes, that’s a thing).


11. Rescued Mila of Troy (…or NOLA aka @thevelvetburritos) is not actually a pittie, but a Sausage-Shark with a black hole for a mouth. Follow her for pretty brown shark-eyes and magnificent edits.


12. Pretty bros Darren and Phillip (@the_blueboys) do their own Instagramming and dress better than we do. Follow for jammies and lots of snuggles.


Who would you love to see added to this list? Tell us in the comments!

(To get more sweet pitties — and every other type of adorable doggo — in your feed, follow yours truly on Instagram, too!)

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