Fluffers Al Fresco: How to Pandemic Picnic in Wicker Park

Henlo and welcome to our fresh new Chicago picnic series in which we help you and your dog make the most of these weird times. This week, we’ll show you our fave options to create your own open-air doggo dining experience in Wicker Park. Leash up, grab your picnic blanket, and get ready to sit in a park for a few hours because it sure is better than sitting at your house.

Dogs in Wicker Park, Chicago
Photo by Jessica Plankenhorn

Where to Get Takeout in Wicker Park

Big Star

Like any Chicagoan, your pal absolutely adores the patio…but this year, she wants to keep her social distance. Fear not, lil buds: get your usual taco spread from the walk-up window and head the quarter-block to the park where you and the bestie can spread out a bit.

Goddess and Grocer

The flagship store has always brought us delicious sandwiches, wraps, salads, and desserts with plenty of veg and vegan options. And now, you can get all your faves from the new walk-up window perfect for solo outings with your pupper. Need to chill? Treat yourself to a CBD soda.


Honestly, everypuppy knows there’s not a better falafel sandwich on earth. The sandwiches are wrapped well, so you can toss the bag in your backpack on your way to the park. You’ll need a friend to watch your pup for this pickup, but it’s worth it fur a taste of that life-changing hummus.


Packed with creative pizzas and always bringin’ it with the vegan options, Dimo’s serves up the good ol’ pizza in the park your soul needed. Order ahead and have a friend hold the leash while you run in. And by the way, dogs rate the crust 12/10.

Dog in Wicker Park Chicago
Photo by Katie Seddon

Where to Get Dessert in Wicker Park

We already loved Stan’s Donuts for the donuts and coffee. But we love it even more now that there’s a walk-up window. Get an after-picnic treat without the leash ever leaving your hand.

We know your pup is gonna be so, so good on her picnic. Why not pop into Doggy Style (2023 W. Division) and treat her to a pup cream?

Where’s your dog’s favorite place in Wicker to pick up takeout? Let us know in the comments and tag #SidewalkDog in all those picnic pics!

(Top photo by Katie Koenig)

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