Photo Recap: Embark Breed Reveal Party With Sidewalk Dog

On Saturday, we had the BEST time at Inbound BrewCo petting your dogs, giving you prezzies, and revealing the breed mixes of five local mystery mutts to their adoring fans (fams, frens, fosters, literally everyone there). These pooches won last month’s Embark SuperMutt Contest (more than 2,000 locals voted) and NOBODY could’ve predicted the results Embark’s Dog DNA Breed + Health Kit dug up, especially when one woofer was deemed PUREBRED. (What the pup?) Contest entrants also voted for Animal Humane Society to be our event beneficiary and they’ve got more SuperMutts awaiting adoption! Sniff ’em out.❤

Scroll down to see a selection of KME Photography‘s party snaps (full gallery here) and the official breed results of our winners.

Video from Joshua Michael Films.

SuperMutt Archie couldn’t wait to get his results:

KME Photography
KME Photograpy | With papa, Peter. On stage awaiting results!

SuperMutt Arlo, alias Handsome Doofus, was superchill about his big reveal:

KME Photography
“The Handsome Doofus” | KME Photography

SuperMutt Mina and her fam were shocked to learn she’s actually a purebred American Village Dog:

KME Photography
Mina learning she’s actually a pure breed American Village Dog. (What the pup?!)
KME Photography

SuperMutt Roger had to perk up his ears cuz he’s pretty much ALL THE THINGS:

KME Photography
Listening intently because he’s pretty much ALL THE THINGS!
KME Photography

And SuperMutt Timber was pleased as pupperoni that his breed mix stumped both his pawrents AND his foster mom from Heart of a Border Collie Rescue:

KME Photography
 His first reaction at learning his hair-atage! | KME Photography

We also gave away a pup ton of prizes, including five Embark Dog DNA Tests! Look at these happy winners:

KME Photography

Then humans and dogs sat back for beer and belly rubs (respectively):

KME Photography

Have you DNA tested your dog? Woof at us in the comments!

Embark’s Dog DNA Test reveals information about breed, health, ancestry, and more, down to your dog’s every chromosome. The company has a mission of ending preventable disease in dogs and is partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

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